How do I stop cloud born malware?

The cloud introduces new malware challenges – malwares that are shared between clouds and often bypass conventional network anti-virus systems. Viruses, shared by users as attachments or links, can propagate rapidly through the clouds and cause damage on a much larger scale than previously possible. As enterprises expand their cloud use, they need to assure it doesn’t become a channel to deliver malware to their users or internal networks.

CipherCloud’s zero-day threat protection provides integrated malware detection designed for the cloud with industry-leading detection rates. CipherCloud’s anti-virus anti-malware (AVAM) solution scans all inbound and outbound cloud content for malicious code and cleans or quarantines infected content on the fly, without adding any noticeable latency.

CipherCloud User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) enables behavioral intelligence with deep machine learning that can understand changing usage patterns and can accurately spot user behavior anomalies to prevent potential security threats and serious data breaches due to malwares and viruses.

CipherCloud AVAM Protection enables:

  • Instant detection and blocking of viruses and malwares in infected files
  • Automatic detection, quarantine, and removal of infected content
  • Machine-learning powered user anomaly detection 
  • Deep Security integration with enterprise deployed systems
  • Real-time updates for zero-day malware protection

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