CipherCloud CASB+ Overview​​

Why CipherCloud CASB+?

CipherCloud is a market leader in CASB platform. We help your business secure data in the cloud — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere. Watch a quick introduction to our CASB+ platform below.


The power of CASB+

Industry Leading Encryption & Tokenization

Data Centric

Encryption (or rights management) is your first defense and last hope to prevent data leaks. CipherCloud was the first CASB vendor to introduce a data- centric cloud security solution in 2011. Data security is in our DNA. Nobody can protect your data the way we do.

Comprehensive Security Capabilities

The feature-rich CipherCloud CASB+ has received the highest total ratings for product capabilities in Gartner’s 2019 MQ Critical Capabilities Report. Our continued focus on innovation in the CASB field helps enable seamless zero-trust security across a wide range of SaaS and IaaS platforms with unified policies.

Seamless Integration

Out-of-the-box deployment for all clouds

One of the most critical aspects of deploying cloud security is the ability to manage and operationalize it across multiple clouds and existing infrastructure. CipherCloud CASB+ supports the widest range of SaaS and IaaS applications, enabling your organization to accelerate cloud adoption in a secure manner.

Speed without compromise

Enterprise-class, performance, scale, proven

CipherCloud CASB+ enables seamless SaaS-mobile-remote security with agentless deployment, allowing organizations to scale fast with best-in-class performance and real-time data protection, without requiring any resource intensive installation of agents and expensive upkeep.

Flexible deployment modes​

CipherCloud delivers full CASB functionality across all modes including API, forward proxy and reverse proxy (agentless mobile connect), providing customers the flexibility through a wide range of deployment modes.

Reduce Cost, Increase ROI

Security integration​

Cloud Security should not run as a silo. CipherCloud has out of the box integration with enterprise security solutions, including EDLP, SSO, SIEM, AVAM, saving on existing investments and increasing the ROI.

Email Security and Protection

CipherCloud, with industry’s first email information protection solution integrated within a CASB, acts as the single vendor for SaaS governance and email security, extending data protection capabilities to emails in Office 365 and G Suite. Now protect Email, SaaS, and IaaS from a single management console.


Thousands of companies, both big and small, are securing their business with CipherCloud.

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