Enabling Safe Adoption of SAP Cloud and SuccessFactors for GDPR

Addressing Personal Data and Data Privacy challenges while accelerating cloud transformation

SAP SuccessFactors has seen rapid adoption, transforming the world of cloud-based HR and “Human Capital Management” (HCM). At the same time, organizations deploying SAP SuccessFactors require advanced capabilities that extend native security controls and better protect their highly confidential HR, payroll, and talent management data
Download this whitepaper to better understand these challenges and learn how CipherCloud’s integrated CASB and data protection solution directly addresses key SuccessFactors security requirements, specifically allowing practitioners to:
  • Extend visibility into SuccessFactors applications usage
  • Enable Zero Trust access from any device and location
  • Enforce data protection policies to detect, classify and secure data
  • Apply Zero Trust encryption with 100% ownership of encryption keys
  • Secure downloaded data with enterprise digital rights management
  • Monitor user activity to identify anomalous behavior and threats
  • Support complex global compliance requirements to ensure data privacy
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Enabling Safe Adoption of SAP SuccessFactors
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