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SolarWinds Attack Response: Mitigating Connected Cloud Risks in Office 365

Thursday January 14, 2020 9:30 AM PST

About this webinar

Arguably the no. 1 takeaway for security practitioners analyzing the recent cyber attacks targeting SolarWinds and its use of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform is the need to employ stronger mechanisms to detect and respond to such cross-platform threats in real time.

As demonstrated in this scenario, attackers’ abilities to compromise existing defenses and subvert access controls for Office 365 and other cloud platforms enabled them to infiltrate multiple organizations to execute potential data theft, all while remaining undetected. This was a particularly damaging technique given the “trusted connection” relationship existing between Office 365 and other clouds.

To address this issue and increase the likelihood of identifying and preventing such threats – those that take advantage of pervasive risks directly related to complex ecosystems of cloud applications and infrastructure – practitioners clearly require centralized capabilities designed to pinpoint and mitigate cross cloud platform attacks.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the specific steps that enabled attackers to gain access to Office 365 and leverage its connected cloud relationship with other applications to carry out their campaign. We will also highlighting key capabilities of the CipherCloud CASB+ that can help organizations address such conditions, including:

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About the speakers

Matt Hines

Matt Hines

VP of Marketing at CipherCloud

In his role as VP of Marketing, Matt spearheads all CipherCloud marketing efforts from strategy to execution. Matt has over a decade of proven experience leading successful marketing and product marketing initiatives at growth phase IT security startups including Bay Dynamics, acquired by Broadcom in late 2019, and FireMon, among others.

Mahesh Rachakonda

Mahesh Rachakonda

VP – Product & Solution Engineering at CipherCloud

Additional Resources

WHITEPAPER: Learning from the SolarWinds and Office 365 Cloud Attacks

5 Key Steps for Mitigating Connected Cloud Applications Risk

Download this white paper to understand the specific security gaps exploited in the SolarWinds cyber attacks and the advanced cloud and data security capabilities delivered by CipherCloud CASB+ solution to help address Office 365-related security issues, including:

  • How attackers gained access to Office 365 accounts and executed the breach
  • Our recommended 5 key steps to help secure your clouds from such attacks
  • How CipherCloud’s CASB+ platform addresses these specific challenges
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