How do I automatically detect and remediate malicious user activity in the cloud?

CASB+ User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) performs continuous monitoring of users, devices and application activities for real-time detection and remediation of anomalous user behavior.

Examples of anomalies might be an abnormally large number of downloads from an individual user, a higher than normal number of logins from the same user, or persistent login attempts by an unauthorized user. Monitoring includes the locations from where logins take place (geo-logins), source IP addresses, and devices used. User behavior includes activities such as content uploads and downloads, edits, deletes, logins, and logouts.

CipherCloud UEBA Delivers:

The Anomalous Activity detection engine continuously profiles data attributes and user behavior to detect activity that is out of the ordinary for your enterprise.

Feature Highlights

Monitor user activities with real-time dashboards

Ingest data from any application in API and Inline modes

Generate instant and scheduled reports for specific use cases and threats

Perform extensive audit trials for forensic analysis

What is UEBA

Watch this quick introduction video to learn about UEBA through this demo and how CipherCloud is the optimal solution for any enterprise business.

How do I detect insider threats?

CipherCloud CASB+ UEBA prevents insider threats by defining a risk posture for all the cloud users, identifying anomalous user behavior in real-time. User risk profiles are updated based on the activities performed across all the subscribed cloud resources. The activities and attributes include login times, download size, user location etc.

Feature Highlights

Detect anomalous behaviors with machine-learning algorithms

Deep visibility into various user actions - content sharing, downloading, deletion

Point and click incident analysis

In-built models to spot internal and external threats


Five Step UEBA to Detect and Stop Insider Attacks

How do I keep track of user activity in the cloud?

CASB+ UEBA shares insights into the cloud usage pattern, allowing the IT security teams to govern the usage based on user, location or the device.

Feature Highlights

Log all the various user activities across all the clouds - Create, Share, Download, Delete, Upload, etc.

Detailed charts and reports for activity monitoring

Extensive audit trials for forensic analysis


Assess Threats and Manage Incidents in the Cloud

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