Complete Cloud Monitoring for All Your Applications

Maintaining compliance requires both control and visibility. CipherCloud Cloud Monitoring does this by monitoring all user interactions across multiple cloud applications and transparently capturing data to generate audit trails, detailed reports, and security dashboards.

User Activity Cloud Monitoring

CipherCloud enables you to monitor exactly what your users are doing in Salesforce, Box and many other cloud applications. Details on login activity, file downloads, exported reports, and potential DLP violations are clearly visible, with real-time drill-down for additional details.

Anomaly Detection

You can easily configure dashboard alerts on any unusual user activity that might indicate problems, such as excessive downloads, after-hours activity, or unauthorized access to sensitive content. Thresholds can be automatically or manually configured to minimize false positives.

Comprehensive Audit Logs

CipherCloud supplements the limited logs provided by cloud application providers by tracking all “read” and “write” actions. CipherCloud records and timestamps all user activity including the actions performed and records accessed, as well as source and destination of IP addresses.

Ongoing Cloud DLP Monitoring

CipherCloud’s technology provides out-of-the-box DLP controls and policies that can spot potential violations of HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI, NCD, or other regulations. The solution can also integrate with enterprise DLP systems such as RSA, McAfee, and Symantec, enabling you to extend your existing DLP policies to cloud applications.

Intuitive Configurable Dashboards

CipherCloud delivers this visibility in clear, intuitive and customizable dashboards. You can immediately drill-down on any dashboard to reveal more specific user information, as well as the source of any anomaly or policy violation directly within Salesforce or Box. Any information captured by CipherCloud can be easily exported to a range of report formats.