Shadow IT Discovery

How to get full visibility of all cloud applications being utilized by your company?

Getting full visibility of all cloud applications running in your organization is the first step to cloud security. Understanding what risky applications, untrusted applications, and even trusted applications provides insight to shadow IT and shadow data loss. Use Shadow IT discovery to initially to get a clear picture of risk and exposure and continuously monitor your network for maintaining policy and visibility.

Discover shadow IT and gain much needed visibility into cloud app use

Classify all cloud applications in use by risk index

Identify riskiest apps that can be leading sensitive data

Discover All Cloud Application In Use

CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery makes it easy and efficient to continuously discover and categorize all the cloud applications being accessed by your organization, identify risk, and analyze usage of your network resources. An intuitive drill-down dashboard provides detailed information on the top cloud applications being accessed by usage, data volume, and risk level.

Identify Risky Clouds

CipherCloud provides an extensive knowledge base of thousands of cloud applications. An expert team continuously analyzes risk with automated testing, manual analysis, and input from leading standards groups including the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), Forrester Research, Trustee and other objective third parties.

Unrivaled Risk Knowledge Base

The CloudSource™ risk knowledge base compiles a wide range of security metrics and calculates a risk score based on a CSA aligned methodology.

Risk Factors Include:

  • Use of FFL for application landing and login pages
  • Analysis of SSL and certificate quality and expiration
  • A detailed header of SPF analysis
  • Certification by third-party auditors
  • Location of cloud application servers
  • Tracking of data breaches for specific services
  • Analysis of the types of customer data uploaded to these services

Enhanced Awareness of Crowd-Sourcing

The cloud isn’t static and hundreds of new cloud applications emerge daily, often accessed by our customers first. CipherCloud for Cloud Discovery identifies unknown cloud applications being accessed and enables customers to easily submit new applications to the CloudSource knowledge base, using the power of community crowdsourcing to continuously expand and refine the data. Customers can also provide feedback on the risk rating of any cloud applications for review by the CipherCloud team.

Gain Control Over Runaway Shadow IT

  • Unauthorized access from restricted geographic locations
  • Out-of-the-box compliance policies for many global regulations
  • On-demand scanning of new files or content going to the cloud
  • Historical data scans to detect sensitive data already in the cloud
  • Multi-cloud protection across the widest range of cloud apps
  • Integration with enterprise DLP systems to extend corporate policies to cloud apps

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