How do you get full visibility of all cloud applications being utilized by your company?

Getting full visibility of all cloud applications running in your organization is the first step to cloud security. Understanding what risky applications, untrusted applications, and even trusted applications provides insight to shadow IT and shadow data loss. Use Shadow IT discovery to initially to get a clear picture of risk and exposure and continuously monitor your network for maintaining policy and visibility.

CipherCloud Shadow IT Discovery Delivers:

CipherCloud Shadow IT enables deep application visibility and intelligence, discovering the cloud apps in use, along with data, users, devices, infrastructure. CipherCloud’s extensive knowledge base of 20,000+ clouds makes it easy and efficient to continuously discover and categorize all the cloud applications being accessed by your organization.

Feature Highlights

  • Log streaming and analysis from any connected network device (desktop, mobile, server) for discovering shadow resources
  • Unrivaled CloudSource™ risk knowledge base for cloud risk score calculation based on CSA aligned methodology
  • Out-of-the-box compliance monitoring with live BI backed dashboards
  • Customized risk scores for personalized risk posture assessments

Shadow IT Demo

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How do I identify the risks of all the clouds in use in my organization?

CipherCloud CASB+ continuously monitors and categorize all the cloud applications being accessed by your organization, with automated recommendation for alternative applications with lower risk potential.

Feature Highlights

  • Comprehensive knowledge base for tens of thousands of cloud infrastructure and applications used globally
  • Continuous update of cloud risk knowledge base based on 60+ attributes, including security vulnerabilities, attack vectors, compliance capabilities
  • Risk assessment and blocking access to risky clouds that are not authorized by corporate governance and threaten to be potential sources of breach

CISO's Guide for Securing the Remote Workforce

How do I identify an audit trail of user activity for forensic investigation?

CipherCloud CASB+ provides detailed reporting of organization’s cloud risk posture with deep visibility into clouds in use and analysis of policy violations with native Insights Investigate feature.

Feature Highlights

  • Discovery and audit of detailed cloud activity to include all applications and data elements
  • Identify and report anomalous user activity with machine-learning powered UEBA
  • Detailed 30+ page CIO/CISO report for audits and risk analysis
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