Secure Remote Workforce

Remote work environments need tighter cloud security controls

The surge in remote workers connecting direct-to-net using unmanaged devices and using SaaS apps to continue their day-to-day operations has significantly increased the risk of data breaches, compliance failure, and loss of confidential information. Securing the fully remote workforce has become a mandate for every security and risk management leader.

VISIBILITY: Focus on what really matters- visibility across all your clouds

How do I achieve complete visibility into the devices, users, and information flow happening across my enterprise cloud apps?

  • Continuously monitor your cloud-mobile environment for abnormal user behavior with machine-learning-powered User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Generate insights on clicks in every device, user and application activity in the cloud with Insights Investigate
  • Enable deep application visibility and intelligence with detailed drill-down reports to identify risky clouds in use

PROTECTION: Protect data everywhere – clouds, devices, and locations

How do I ensure data- at rest or in motion is protected even outside the enterprise perimeter?

  • Secure restricted and sensitive data through a standardized/centralized DLP interface that enforces granular policy controls across a range of SaaS clouds, IaaS clouds and even custom applications.
  • Protect emails from any device (desktop, mobile, and browser) and prevent accidental shares with external collaborators with Secure Email Gateway. DLP for Emails scans the email body, subject line and attachments to identify sensitive content.
  • Discover and remediate open file shares and sensitive data being shared with external users 
  • Define last-mile data protection and secure offline collaboration with native Information Rights Management.

CONTROL: Act in real-time with centralized security controls

How to detect malicious user behavior and prevent unauthorized user access?

  • Use advanced behavior monitoring technology to enhance data and user security.
  • Define context-based secure cloud access from umpteen number of unmanaged devices using adaptive access controls. Context may include location, device type, OS, time of the day, etc.
  • Streamline and protect authentication with zero-trust user identity protection using SSO and MFA.

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