How do I prevent data loss through cloud-based corporate emails?

CipherCloud Data Rights Management (DRM) applies data protection controls, encryption, and centralized control of sensitive data, even when it’s shared externally. Based on the level of data sensitivity, DRM will automatically envelop the data with advanced encryption providing a data and human-centric protection.

CipherCloud Secure Email Gateway Delivers:

CipherCloud’s Secure Email Gateway offers deep visibility into corporate email usage with unprecedented audit capabilities, acting as a single CASB solution for SaaS governance and email security.

Feature Highlights

  • Single vendor for SaaS governance and email security
  • Single pane-of-glass view for emails, collaboration apps, and infrastructure
  • Advanced DLP scanning of email subject, body and attachments
  • Device discovery and selective data wipe using ActiveSync
  • Adaptive access controls on Outlook Web Access

How to secure cloud-based collaboration, emails, and messaging apps?

How do I prevent sensitive content sharing through emails?

CipherCloud CASB+ routes all emails from any client device, managed or unmanaged, through a secure and dedicated gateway for enforcing DLP policies and performing sanity checks before email is delivered to the recipients.

Feature Highlights

  • Advanced DLP scanning of email subject, body and attachments
  • Detecting and encrypting emails and attachments before sending to email server
  • Removing unknown or unauthorized recipients on-the-fly from the mailing list before sending out emails

Securing the Cloud-Mobile Environment for Office 365

How do I apply my organization's SaaS security policies to cloud-based emails across channels?

CipherCloud’s Secure Email Gateway is platform agnostic and integrates directly with your preferred email solution across access points – web app, thick apps or email clients . Post integration, the gateway retains the same DLP policy creation and remediation workflow that is associated with other SaaS apps to ensure information security.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated policy enforcement on email to prevent specific sensitive documents from being sent to an external recipient.
  • Prebuilt DLP templates to ensure compliance of sensitive data on email.
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