Solving the complexity of siloed security measures that are currently divided between on-premises security and cloud security is: Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). SASE proposes an architecture that has the potential to enable 360-degree security that goes till the edge and follows the data back to the cloud. Find out how SASE can help organisations to build a framework for holistic identity-centric security.

STRENGTHEN your Cloud Security Posture with SASE
Strengthen your Cloud Security Posture with SASE Whitepaper

What is the starting point to building a holistic SASE strategy that delivers till the last mile edge?


  • Determine a starting point for convergence of WAN edge, network security models, cloud-based service delivery, security policies, and context.
  • Consolidate disparate products, cloud environments, BYO devices,and technical silos into a converged service edge.
  • Deliver the right level of security access based on context and in accordance with an organisation’s data protection policies.
Focus on IDENTITY across all endpoints

How do I enable digital transformation across my network and network security architectures?

  • Center security context and access decisions on the identity of the entity at the source of the connection (user, device, branch office, IoT device, edge computing location).
  • Implement a dynamic perimeter: mesh of network and network security capabilities that can be applied when and where needed to connect entities at endpoints.
  • Enforce required services and polices on demand independent of location of the entities.
SASE Webinar
Security and Network Architecture

A Cloud-First Security Architecture – Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Join Salah Nassar, VP Marketing at CipherCloud to learn about  how SASE can help organizations build a framework that provides the security and network architecture to support the emerging cloud-mobile environment.

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