Secure remote access to applications and data anytime, anywhere.

The CipherCloud SASE+ Platform encompasses every key component of Secure Access Service Edge data security requirements to compliment network controls and protect sensitive information for any user, on any device, at any time. Adopt a centralized cloud-native platform that facilitates secure, Zero Trust access and collaboration from any location and any device from anywhere in the world.

CipherCloud SASE

Zero Trust CASB

As the market’s most advanced, data-centric Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution, CipherCloud CASB+ establishes a critical Zero Trust security and data protection foundation for SASE. CASB+ enables seamless security, privacy and governance across all clouds via unified policies, providing deep visibility, adaptive access controls, powerful data protection, zero-day threat prevention and centralized compliance capabilities, including:

Data Protection

CipherCloud delivers a market-leading, standards-based Data Protection and encryption solution designed for today’s data-centric security, privacy and governance requirements. By engaging a Zero Trust approach to cloud security that protects data at rest, in use, in network transit, and in cloud application layers (API, middleware, memory) CipherCloud addresses key SASE data protection and compliance requirements, including:


CipherCloud’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution creates software-defined perimeters and enforces adaptive, identity and context-aware policies to address SASE requirements for application access control. Fully embracing the principle of “least privilege” to dictate Zero Trust access from any device and location – CipherCloud facilitates secure, flexible, and scalable remote workforce deployments through capabilities including:

Secure Web Proxy

The CipherCloud Secure Web Proxy (SWP) solution supports SASE strategy by enabling secure, policy-based access to web applications, protecting enterprise systems and user devices from web-borne threats and cyberattacks. CipherCloud’s integrated SASE+ platform encompasses SWP, ZTNA and CASB, enabling unified policies and securing applications hosted across SaaS, IaaS and private data centers via dedicated capabilities including:

Consolidated SASE Capabilities

The CipherCloud SASE+ platform enables organizations to engage a strategic framework for holistic, identity-centric security across SaaS applications and data to support the remote workforce through an integrated cloud security platform.

Across its integrated CASB, Data Protection, ZTNA and SWP solutions, CipherCloud’s SASE+ is further augmented by a wide range of advanced capabilities that covers every key aspect of today’s SASE cloud and data security requirements, from visibility, remote access, data protection, threat protection and compliance, including:

Adaptive Access Controls

to enable contextual, data-centric Zero Trust access from any device and location in the world

Advanced DLP policies

that classify and protect sensitive data across cloud applications, email and collaboration, including Office 365

End-to-end data encryption

that secures data downloads and sharing with Enterprise DRM for continuous governance and compliance

Zero-day threat protection

with integrated anti-virus anti-malware (AVAM) solution to stave off evolving, multi-faceted attacks

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

to detect and prioritize real-time insider threats and anomalous user activities

Advanced endpoint security controls

to help manage access and data security across both managed and unmanaged devices

Integrated CSPM and SSPM

to automate assessment and remediation of cloud applications and infrastructure configurations

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