Salesforce Cloud Security

Salesforce Cloud Security


The Power of CASB+ for Your Salesforce Cloud

A complete security solution for Salesforce

CipherCloud’s advanced cloud security and data protection platform provides in-depth visibility, access control, data protection, threat protection, and compliance management capabilities in Salesforce. Address the leading data security challenges in Salesforce with CipherCloud CASB+ and SSPM.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Expand your Salesforce cloud adoption by overcoming cloud security, data privacy, and compliance obstacles.

Reduce Cost Of Ownership

Discover usage, data movement, and user activity within Salesforce to minimize data loss and compliance risk.

Minimize Data Breach Risks

End-to-end data protection and other key features ensure data is never stored unprotected in Salesforce, minimizing the risk of a data breach, financial loss, and reputational and legal impact.

Protect Data In All Modes - API And Inline

CipherCloud CASB+ enables the protection of data in Salesforce in real-time In-line mode and fast API integration for near real-time controls.

Secure The SaaS Posture

CipherCloud SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) provides 360-degree visibility, configuration monitoring, and compliance assessment to ensure Salesforce deployments are secured from external attacks or potential data loss.


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Solution Brief

Learn how CipherCloud CASB+ can integrate with Salesforce in our solution brief. Discover use cases and detailed capabilities of our platform.


White Paper

Learn how CipherCloud's CASB+ platform addresses common challenges that Salesforce users face in this white paper.



Watch this short webinar as we discuss if your cloud CRM is GDPR compliant and meets new regulatory standards.

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