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Business cloud use has reached a tipping point and the benefits are clear—reduced cost, flexibility, scalability, mobility, faster deployments, and more. But many organizations are still being held back by security concerns.

CipherCloud is a true security company, and we have built the most complete CASB solution that’s all about security. As the pioneers in cloud encryption and tokenization, we deliver a complete enterprise solution providing extensive visibility, powerful policy controls, and unrivaled data protection.

Multi-Cloud Visibility, Control and Data Protection

CipherCloud delivers the most complete cloud access security broker (CASB) solution on the market providing:

  • Visibility: discover what clouds are in use and where your data is going with user activity monitoring and anomaly detection
  • Control: enforce compliance policies consistently across multiple clouds, ensure data sovereignty, and reduce the score of compliance audits
  • Data Protection: protect sensitive data with DLP, encryption and tokenization and be certain that it’s never exposed to unauthorized users, or forced disclosure

Multiple Protection Modes

CipherCloud Platform is tightly integrated with the widest range of cloud applications through two protection model that are tailored to specific customer needs:

  • Cloud Security Broker provides monitoring, collaboration controls and selective encryption through frictionless API integration with the industry’s widest range of clouds.
  • Cloud Security Gateway delivers the highest levels of inline protection with encryption or tokenization of specific data fields with exclusive enterprise key ownership

“Data is your responsibility, not the cloud provider’s. When things go wrong, you are liable.”

– Gartner

Full Mobile Support

Mobile users fully supported through the gateway or API modes. In addition CipherCloud provides its own mobile app that decrypts data securely for authorized users.

Enterprise and Ecosystem Integration

CipherCloud provides extensive integration capabilities with on-premises and cloud ecosystems connecting to DLP, SSO, directories, databases, custom apps, SIEM, and more. Broad ecosystem support for key clouds like Salesforce supports over 100 third-party apps.

Extensive Industry Experience

CipherCloud protects data for more leading global enterprises than all other vendors in the space – combined. We have unrivaled expertise in solving large-scale, complex cloud security and integration challenges, while helping customer in many industries meet security and compliance requirements.

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