Enablement Programs

CipherCloud offers comprehensive programs to enable adoption and maximize the return on your CipherCloud investment. Our enablement programs cover all adoption stages, from the day one through ongoing maintenance, management and enhancements.

Technical Enablement Program (TEP):

Once your CipherCloud solution is implemented, TEP ensures that your business-critical security system is properly managed, optimized for your business, and always up-to-date with the latest innovative security technologies. This program provides ongoing peace-of-mind with a comprehensive set of services that include:

  • Dedicated Technical Account Management: A dedicated point of contact combines CipherCloud expertise with detailed knowledge of your deployment and network environment.
  • CipherCloud Platform Expertise and Best Practices: Our experts have worked with hundreds of enterprise deployments, providing guidance on best practices for your CipherCloud solution.
  • Architecture Reviews: We routinely assess your deployment, examining architecture, business processes, governance, stability, and evolving scalability requirements.
  • Roadmap Reviews and Prioritization: As cloud providers update their platforms, TEP helps you anticipate changes and take full advantage of new features as soon as they are available.
  • Software Management: As CipherCloud rolls out new features and upgrades, the TEP team can manage the entire process, keeping you always in sync with the latest technology.
  • Operations Management: TEP ensures that your solution is properly managed while proactively taking steps to identify potential issues, resolve problems, and avoid unexpected downtime.
  • Policy Management: TEP experts help you keep your data protection policies up-to-date, fine-tuned, and adapting to changing business requirements.
  • Security Management: Security is at the heart of everything we do and TEP ensures you’re your systems stay up-to-date with security functions, data migration, and encryption key rotation.
  • Expert Program Management: Our experts work closely with you and system integrators to plan and manage complex projects, oversee deliverables, and communicate status to all stakeholders.

Download the TEP Datasheet

Customer On-Boarding & Adoption Program (CAP):

CAP is a unique hybrid service that combines the best of both worlds – Implementation Services, and Technical Enablement (TEP) for your first full year of service. This complete services package provides peace-of-mind that your CipherCloud solution will be up and running, adopted by users, and expertly managed during the critical first year. The program gives you direct access to technical experts, sharing our experience, knowledge-base, and best practices developed through a wide range of global enterprise deployments. CAP delivers a comprehensive set of services tailored for your first year of deployment including:

  • Project Planning: Our expert team works closely with you and systems integrators scope requirements, plan deployment, identify dependencies, and breakdown project phases.
  • Requirements Analysis: We closely examine your use cases and develop a comprehensive deployment plan, with onsite workshops and training on best practices.
  • Solution Design: Our experts analyze all integration requirements, data classification, and policy definition to develop and document a comprehensive solution design.
  • Sandbox Testing: With our proven methodology we verify system design, infrastructure sizing, configuration and integrations in a fully functional sandbox environment.
  • Production Deployment: With complete setup, configuration, and production integration we ensure that your system is fully functional before your go into production.
  • Performance Testing and Tuning:Your system is fully tested with business users for performance, integrations and support for complex use cases.
  • Training and Go-Live: Before your system goes live, we provide product training, orientation, and detailed handoff documentation for your administrative staff.
  • Full Technical Enablement (TEP): For the complete first year, CAP includes all the benefits of our TEP program, including dedicated contacts, and expert management support for your software, architecture, security and policy configuration. Complete TEP details are listed above.

Download the CAP Datasheet

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