• Cloud Security Gateway

The Gold Standard in Cloud Encryption and Tokenization

CipherCloud is the pioneer and industry leader in applying the CSGstrongest security to data before it goes to the cloud, while maintaining a seamless user experience. The Cloud Security Gateway provides robust inline protection, enabling you to encrypt or tokenize specific data fields while maintaining exclusive control over the encryption keys. Features include

  • Zero-Knowledge Protection: unauthorized outsiders or cloud providers have no way to access the data without the keys, which never leave your control.
  • Standards-Based with FIPS Validation: CipherCloud uses standards-based AES 256-bit encryption and is the first and only cloud security vendor to have achieved FIPS 140-2 validation for its cryptographic module.
  • Searchable Strong Encryption: Patented technology provides secure virtual indexing at gateway, enabling complex searches, without exposing data in the cloud. This enables natural language searches, wild cards, Boolean phrases, and other internet-standard searches.
  • Format and Function Preserving: CSG preserves the functionality of encrypted data including searching, sorting, reporting, indexing and charting. A wide range of format preserving techniques match any database requirements including credit cards, phone numbers, email addresses and more.
  • Enterprise Key Management: Encryption keys never leave your organization and are never available to the cloud provider, preventing accidental or forced disclosure. CSG includes enterprise-class key management capabilities and integration with external HSMs.
  • Tokenization: For organizations with strict data residency requirements, CipherCloud lets you retain specific sensitive data on-premises, substituting randomly generated values for the original data.
  • Malware Protection: Integrated malware scanning detects and blocks malware from cloud applications or outside users, closing a gap in most organization’s AV coverage. CSG protects you from latest viruses, spyware, network worms, Trojans, bots, rootkits, and more.
  • Highly Scalable and High Performance: CipherCloud encryption gateways are deployed in many of the world’s largest enterprises, with a highly scalable distributed architecture, high-throughput and extremely low latency.

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