• Advanced Protection for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Ensure compliance and privacy of client data while monitoring user activity

Privacy and industry regulations continue to challenge financial services enterprises when trying to realize the full business benefits of the cloud. With CipherCloud organizations can accelerate their cloud adoption with advanced data protection, monitoring and anomaly detection.   And CipherCloud maintains a seamless user experience within Financial Services Cloud and across the Salesforce platform.

Product Highlights

  • Robust solution in production at hundreds of financial services firms across the globe
  • Zero-knowledge data protection means data is never exposed to unauthorized users and encryption keys are exclusively controlled by the enterprise
  • Policy-driven protection encrypts or tokenizes sensitive data on a per-field basis before it is sent to the cloud
  • Detailed analysis of user activity, anomaly detection and notification of suspicious actions

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advanced data protection salesforce financial services

Advanced Data Protection

CipherCloud for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud allows wealth management firms to certify against stringent privacy, industry and governance rules. CipherCloud provides:

  • Encryption including flexible options for preserving formats, partial field encryption, preserving sortability and Searchable Strong Encryption
  • Tokenization for stringent data residency requirements
  • Malware detection scans content going into and out of the Salesforce cloud

Monitoring and Anomaly Detection

CipherCloud for Salesforce Financial Services monitors users, content and devices critical to managing cloud risks and responding to threats. CipherCloud provides:

  • Analysis of logins, reports, file downloads, shared content and more
  • Detailed usage statistics for users, files, objects and device operating systems
  • Anomaly detection by geo-location, sharing violations, excessive data download and more
salesforce financial services monitoring

Unequaled Experience and Expertise

CipherCloud ensures privacy and compliance for leading financial services organizations that have successfully made the transition to the cloud. CipherCloud leads with:

  • Hundreds of financial services customers protecting data and monitoring user activity in Saleforce
  • Broadest and deepest support of the Salesforce platform including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter and support for dozens of AppExchange partners
  • Extensible support for custom applications built on the force.com platform
  • Unrivaled expertise in solving large-scale, cloud security and integration challenges

Download the white paper: “Best Practices for Cloud Information Protection in Financial Services”

Adoption of the cloud is passing a tipping point and is increasingly a fact of life for many financial services organizations…the cloud has also been met with an equal growth in privacy laws and industry regulations.

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