CipherCloud Introduces Zero-Trust Remote Access, Enabling Organizations to Access Applications in the Public Cloud and Data Center with Unified Policies

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CipherCloud Introduces Zero-Trust Remote Access, Enabling Organizations to Access Applications in the Public Cloud and Data Center with Unified Policies

Solution Provides Data-centric, Context-aware Adaptive Access to Applications from Anywhere, at Any Time, on Any User Device 

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – JAN.  25, 2021 — CipherCloud®, the market’s leading provider of integrated cloud security and data privacy, today announced that it has formally introduced its Zero-Trust Remote Access solution, supporting continued expansion of the remote workforce while reducing the risk of data exposure from unauthorized users and compromised devices.

CipherCloud Zero-Trust Remote Access directly supports today’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) requirements, allowing practitioners to ensure context-aware, data-centric access across enterprise applications from any device and location. By empowering organizations to directly engage the principle of “least privilege” and allocate appropriate access to nearly any application on-premise or in the cloud, Zero-Trust Remote Access addresses today’s complex, hybrid environments to facilitate secure, flexible, and scalable remote workforce deployments. 

Zero-Trust Remote Access specifically creates software-defined perimeters and enforces adaptive, identity and context-aware policies when providing access to applications residing everywhere from public clouds to organizations’ private data centers. Unlike traditional VPN solutions, this approach dramatically increases the security and efficiency of applications access without exposing internal applications directly to the internet.

“With continued adoption of the cloud and dramatic growth of the remote workforce, organizations are seeing sensitive data accessed and shared nearly everywhere, often using unmanaged devices. This is accelerating the requirement for solutions that increase availability while reducing risk,” said Pravin Kothari, CipherCloud Founder and CEO. “Our customers are telling us every day that they need to support complex policies that enable workers to collaborate effectively, while improving protection and maintaining compliance.”

Zero-Trust Remote Access can be deployed both standalone and in conjunction with the CipherCloud CASB+ solution, and is directly supported via partnership with leading network security, identity and threat protection providers, enabling best-of-breed integration via powerful out-of-the-box Zero Trust Network Access controls. Through this integration with the market’s leading data-centric CASB solution, CipherCloud uniquely offers the ability to enable data access for unmanaged devices based both on policies and continuous authentication.

By combining industry-leading CASB and Data Protection capabilities in this integrated manner,  CipherCloud Zero-Trust Remote Access establishes a strong foundation for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), enabling organizations to define unified applications and data security policies to secure all of their applications across SaaS, IaaS, and on-prem environments.


CipherCloud Zero-Trust Remote Access Differentiated Capabilities

CipherCloud Zero-Trust Remote Access facilitates agentless access from endpoint devices to enterprise applications, enabling frictionless deployment without requiring additional software installation by end-users. Additional benefits include:

  • Microsegmentation: Abstracts access mechanisms to isolate applications access from network access, preventing over-entitlement of services and thwarting lateral movement.
  • Full applications cloaking: Prevents the exposure of internal applications to the Internet, reducing data exposure and protecting against threats and DDoS attacks.
  • Unified policy enforcement: Enables unified coverage and governance for applications and data access in multi-cloud and multiple data center environments.
  • Advanced data security: Extends CASB+ data protection controls to private applications, including DLP content inspection, encryption and enterprise DRM.
  • Deep visibility and monitoring: Integrates with popular SIEM tools to analyze network logs and deliver complete visibility into application and user activity.
  • User Anomaly Detection with UEBA: Performs real-time monitoring of user interactions to identify anomalous activities and pinpoint emerging threats.
  • Adaptive Access Control: Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and SSO solutions – including Okta, Ping and Thales – to enable Zero Trust access and authentication.
  • Endpoint Security Posture Management: Enables context-aware management of devices connecting to the cloud using digital certificates and MDM/EMM integration.

About CipherCloud 

CipherCloud delivers the market’s leading approach to integrated CASB, SASE, and Data Privacy, addressing the full scope of customer requirements across cloud access, discovery, monitoring, data protection, policy enforcement and compliance. 

CipherCloud CASB+ has been named SC Magazine Cloud Security Product of the Year, Overall Leader in the CASB market by KuppingerCole, and a Visionary by Gartner, while counting numerous global 1000 companies among its rapidly growing customer base. CipherCloud is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Transamerica Ventures, Delta Partners and DTCP, the venture arm of Deutsche Telekom. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @ciphercloud.

Media Contact:
Matt Hines
CipherCloud Public Relations

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