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Empower your business by securing your data and content across hundreds of cloud apps, services, and IT solutions with the CipherCloud Integration Ecosystem.

CipherCloud Platform Integration Ecosystem

The impact and reach of today’s cloud and Zero Trust security solutions is highly contingent on their abilities to integrate with a wealth of adjacent platforms. In addition to the full breadth of cloud applications and infrastructure, leading CASB and ZTNA solutions must support integration with sources providing detailed, real-time information on factors ranging from identity and access to data protection and event management, along with threat detection, security orchestration, and IT notification channels, among others.

By delivering out of the box integration with cloud applications including Office 365, Slack, Box, G Suite, ServiceNow, SAP Cloud and Salesforce, among others – along with numerous solutions spanning every relevant aspect of IT security and management, CipherCloud solutions deliver the contextual and data-centric approach required by today’s practitioners to address their most important cloud and data security requirements.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Integration with leading Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) solutions extends network log collection from on-prem devices to the cloud to provide in-depth analysis and control over security incidents across the enterprise, cloud, SaaS, and mobile environments.

Supported Integrations:

Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

CipherCloud integrates with leading SSO and MFA platforms to ensure the utilization of advanced access controls and authentication during every session, thereby defending against improper data exposure, potential compromise and threat propagation.

Supported Integrations:

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In addition to a native built in DLP capability including image support via OCR scanning, CipherCloud also seamlessly integrates with enterprise Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to extend existing data protection and policies to the cloud, enabling consistent enforcement across enterprise, cloud, and remote environments.

Supported Integrations:

Data Classification

CipherCloud extends data classification and governance to any document in any cloud, providing full visibility into and protection across multiple apps, users, and devices – securing intellectual property and other protected data from unintended exposure.

Supported Integrations:

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

CipherCloud integrates with leading IAM solutions to help implement and apply strong cloud and data access policies that enable Zero Trust access to cloud applications and services, while protecting sensitive information and maintaining standards compliance.

Supported Integrations:

Applications Access Control (AAC)

By integrating with market leading AAC solutions, CipherCloud empowers context-aware cloud applications and data access controls that continuously calculate related risks and enable more efficient access management, without impacting user experience.

Supported Integrations:

Threat Prevention and Response

In addition to built in Antivirus/Antimalware (AVAM) protection, CipherCloud also integrates with advanced threat prevention solutions to secure against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and enable real-time detection of malware, including zero-day threats, viruses, spyware, ransomware, worms, and bots.

Supported Integrations:

Zero Trust Access (ZTA)

In today’s remote workforce environment, when employees, partners, and customers are increasingly connecting to company assets and data using any device, from nearly any region, it is critical to invoke stringent controls over access to data and applications.

Supported Integrations:

Mobile Device Management

With a wide array of managed and unmanaged personal BYO devices connecting to the cloud from outside the enterprise perimeter, organizations require visibility into each device type to control access to data and other resources.

Supported Integrations:

Security Orchestration and Response

With the increasing number of endpoints (managed or unmanaged devices, distributed servers), organizations need deeper intelligence into user and device activity across all the connected entities for effectively responding to online security incidents and threats.

Supported Integrations:

Secure Web Gateway

Today’s growing remote workforce requires a consistent, frictionless experience while connecting to cloud applications and services while ensuring inline threat protection to guard against attacks and prevent potential data loss.

Supported Integrations:

Notification Channels

Driven by the need to inform numerous IT security and management workflows with the detailed cloud and data security information necessary to trigger response and remediation, including ticketing systems, CipherCloud integrates with any business communication and notification system, including incident response and IT Service Management platforms.

Supported Integrations:

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