CipherCloud Integration Ecosystem

Enabling best-of-the breed integrations

The adoption of cloud in a Mobile-SaaS environment is accelerating as more and more organizations require SaaS apps to support a distributed workforce. While this helps organizations to be agile and maintain business continuity, employees such as Microsoft Office 365, Box, Slack, Salesforce, and many more, are redefining the security perimeter. This new Mobile-SaaS environment is evolving into a new threat vector.

CipherCloud has partnered with selected vendors in the network security, identity and threat protection industry to enable best-of-breed integrations and offer out-of-the-box solutions focused on data-centric and human-centric security.

Uncovering Advanced Threats in Cloud Apps

Cloud apps both in IaaS and SaaS such as Office 365, Slack, Box and such apps are foundational for organizations. This is how the modern workforce operates today, through easy to use and easy to access apps allowing organizations to seamlessly work with a disturbed workforce, partners, vendors, contractors, and customers. Cloud apps are also today’s new threat vector compounding the problem with increased usage, lack of visibility and protection in the face of increasing data regulations and advanced threats. 


CipherCloud and FireEye partner to extend intelligent threat detection to the SaaS-mobile environment and enable Zero-Day threat detection across on-premise deployments, cloud collaboration apps, and repositories.


Securing the user identity and access

Data breaches, insider threats, account hijacking – these are the most critical cloud security threats in the past few years. In today’s remote workforce environment, protecting the user identity has never been more important. As users connect from any remote location and endpoint device to multiple cloud applications, how do you ensure continuous protection of your data, both from internal and external threats?


CipherCloud partners with IAM solutions such as Okta and Thales to enable a Zero Trust cloud security framework. The strong identity controls of IAM solutions combine with the strong cloud security controls of CipherCloud CASB+ to enable 360-degree protection around your data and access, from user log in to log out.


Enabling Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

As SaaS and IaaS served apps have become the new norm, ensuring secure network connectivity is increasingly becoming a priority for organizations. SASE is the future of cloud access architecture, solving the complexity of siloed security measures that are currently divided between on-premises security and cloud security.


CipherCloud has partnered with Cloudflare to converge network and cloud security under a common ecosystem and enable a best-of-breed SASE integration. While CipherCloud provides end-to-end security protection for all SaaS and IaaS apps, Cloudflare addresses the network connectivity and security gap through full connection optimization, deep tunnel security, and protection.


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