How do I ensure my data remains protected in case of a breach?

Zero Trust assumes that, at some point, attackers, government, malicious system administrators at your cloud provider, or insiders intentionally or unintentionally can compromise your sensitive data. CipherCloud Zero Trust data protection solution encrypts and tokenizes the sensitive data “before” it leaves the enterprise network premise, allowing enterprises to retain exclusive control over the sensitive data and delivering end-to-end zero-trust protection without compromise.

“CipherCloud’s continued support for encryption and tokenization makes it suitable for organizations requiring a high degree of confidentiality of data stored in cloud applications.” – 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CASB

CipherCloud's extensive data protection solution delivers:

Preventing data loss and protecting data privacy are the core missions for CipherCloud. CipherCloud, with its FIPS 140-2 validated CASB+ solution, has extensive expertise in zero-trust, policy-driven encryption and tokenization, providing granular, field and file level control over sensitive data at rest and in motion.

Feature Highlights

  • Granular policy controls to selectively encrypt or tokenize any type of data
  • Format- and function-preserving solutions that preserve cloud functionality (searching, sorting, reporting)
  • Email data protection that includes sensitive content masking from subject and body, data rights management, and attachments encryption
  • 100% user key control for total security

Data Security as a Service Datasheet

How can I enable end-to-end protection around my data?

CipherCloud CASB+ brings a comprehensive encryption solution that protects data no matter where it is — “at rest,” in network transit, in the cloud application layers (API, middleware, memory), and in use. Data encryption keys are retained only by you; they are never shared in the cloud. CASB+ enables single key management and a consistent approach to policy controls for all of your cloud applications.

Feature Highlights

  • Field and file level encryption for SaaS and IaaS applications
  • Unified encryption and key management for all the clouds
  • Secure offline data access with native digital rights management
  • FIPS 140-2 validated Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE) solution – first in the cloud visibility and data protection industry

How do I comply with the data residency laws of multiple countries?

CipherCloud’s flexible and powerful policy engine protects data everywhere, including unmanaged endpoints. CipherCloud DRM works in conjunction with Adaptive Access Controls to enable contextual access to cloud resources and prevent downloading of sensitive data on personal devices.

Feature Highlights

  • Field level tokenization for SaaS applications
  • Data residency and sovereignty for sensitive data that cannot leave the enterprise
  • Local storage of original data and token mapping in a secure JDBC-compliant database
  • API-based integration with VMWare Airwatch for complete enterprise-class MDM support

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