How to enforce data controls on endpoint devices and protect sensitive content on download?

CipherCloud Data Rights Management (DRM) applies data protection controls, encryption, and centralized control of sensitive data, even when it’s shared externally. Based on the level of data sensitivity, DRM will automatically envelop the data with advanced encryption providing a data and human-centric protection.

CipherCloud Data Rights Management Delivers:

CipherCloud’s native DRM enhances end-user experience with a single client working with different customers, different clouds and with different ids/ credentials, providing deep visibility into the data accessed and downloaded by internal and external users, including customers, vendors, and partners.

Feature Highlights

  • Secure collaboration over SaaS apps, even from BYO devices
  • Secure offline data sharing with automatic encryption of sensitive data, reports, and emails during downloads
  • Full ownership and control over data, regardless of where it is being shared
  • Remote key revocation and digital shredding of content on detection of policy violation

How to secure cloud-based collaboration, emails, and messaging apps?

How do I ensure that data shared externally remains safe?

CipherCloud DRM gives you remote control over access to your most sensitive content, with full admin visibility into the external users and the data they possess.

Feature Highlights

  • Data encryption upon download on managed devices. Only authorized users with valid keys will be authenticated to decrypt the files.
  • Retain control over your encryption key management. Revoke keys in real-time to protect data even on lost or stolen devices.
  • Integration with major third-party DRM packages such as Microsoft’s

Securing Data and Access for Remote Collaboration

How do I protect sensitive data downloaded to unmanaged, personal devices?

CipherCloud’s flexible and powerful policy engine protects data everywhere, including unmanaged endpoints. CipherCloud DRM works in conjunction with Adaptive Access Controls to enable contextual access to cloud resources and prevent downloading of sensitive data on personal devices.

Feature Highlights

  • Digital certificate based endpoint identification and classification (managed/unmanaged)
  • Real-time detection of risky users, blocking data sync and sharing of sensitive content
  • Device-level restrictions: deny data downloads on unmanaged devices
  • API-based integration with VMWare Airwatch for complete enterprise-class MDM support
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Secure Sensitive Cloud Data From unmanaged device access

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