Digital Rights Management

How to safely share data and maintain full visibility and control?

CipherCloud Data Rights Management applies data protection controls, encryption, and centralized control of sensitive data, even when it’s shared externally. Based on the level of data sensitivity, DRM will automatically envelop the data with advanced encryption providing a data and human-centric protection.

  • Automatically encrypt sensitive data, reports, and emails
  • Maintain full visibility of your data regardless of where it is shared
  • Revoke access to users and digitally shred your sensitive data
  • Hold your own keys, not your SaaS provider for full control and ownership of your data


Digital Rights Management

CipherCloud Native DRM Delivers

Persistent end-to-end
encryption of cloud

Multi-cloud protection
across the widest range
of cloud apps

Secure access to sensitive
files by authorized users on
multiple operating systems

Integrated support for
multiple file sharing apps –
Office 365, Box, Google Drive

Mobile and endpoint apps
enabling file decryption
by an authorized user

Remote, real key revocation
for lost or compromized


Enable Secure Collaboration

CipherCloud DRM enables enterprises to securely use popular cloud file sharing tools with internal and external collaborators while ensuring sensitive files can only be accessed by authorized users based on corporate policies. Files can be selectively encrypted based on content, users, or sharing rules and only authorized users can open encrypted documents at the endpoint.

Allow Only Authorized Access

The DRM Mobile App gives you remote control over access to your most sensitive content. In order to access encrypted files, authorized users are authenticated, then allowed to open files via a transparent key exchange. Even if unauthorized users access encrypted files through accidental sharing or malicious theft, they can never decrypt them without the keys.

Remote Key Revocation

If a device is lost or stolen, keys can be revoked in real-time to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the protected content. Enterprises retain full control over encryption key management through cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment modes.

Easy to Deploy – There’s an App for That

The CipherCloud Mobile App makes endpoint encryption practical to deploy and easy to manage on mobile devices. The app can be downloaded from App Stores (available on iOS, Android, Mac or Windows) and policies are centrally managed and transparent to end users. The solution supports multiple popular collaboration apps, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Office 365 OneDrive, and SharePoint.

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