Data Protection Solutions

Data Protection Solutions

CipherCloud is the pioneer and industry leader in applying strong encryption to critical information in the cloud. Our philosophy is simple: if your data is important enough to encrypt, then you need to control the process and always keep the keys. Active Encryption provides persistent protection that travels with your data and positively prevents unauthorized access wherever it goes – in the cloud or to mobile devices.

Reduce Your Global Security Risk

For any company that does business in multiple countries, or uses cloud providers located in other regions, there can be a complex web of regulatory requirements, depending on where your data resides or potentially travels. And new laws like the European GDPR, claim extraterritoriality, effectively raising the compliance bar globally. To effectively safeguard the personal information you need to understand your risks and legal responsibilities across a wide range of data protection laws.

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CipherCloud Helps Global Data Protection Compliance with:

  • Strong encryption and tokenization for cloud data, meeting GDPR standards for data protection
  • Encryption keys controlled exclusively by customers, meeting “pseudonymization” requirements
  • Exemption from breach notification requirements by effectively anonymizing data
  • Technology specifically called for to meet Privacy by Design and Default principals
  • Dramatic reduction in audit scope by removing data exposure to cloud providers


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