Data Protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS)

DPaaS is the industry’s most seamless, transparent and frictionless encryption and tokenization service available as an API for instant integration for your applications. Designed for today’s data-centric businesses, DPaaS allows anyone to encrypt (on demand) any data type to meet any data governance, policies or compliance needs – all the while staying in full control of your data and the associated keys!

Why Choose DPaaS?

Cloud and mobile compatible RESTful API for AES 256-bit, searchable strong encryption is compatible with any system. Customer controls the encryption key using cloud KMS or a lightweight KMS running in their environment.

DSaaS provides stateless Tokenization which is useful for the most stringent regulatory requirements such as PCI compliance, or countries with strict data residency laws. Token vaults remain in customer’s control

Search, Sort, filter, create reports and much more on encrypted data – secure but never compromising functionality of the power your data holds
FIPS 140-2 certified, guaranteeing best in class our cryptographic implementation, key management of our encryption and tokenization product suite.
Cloud-Mobile compatible secure REST/JSOn APIs are lightweight and high-performing.
Choose between our feature rich inline gateway or API service to encrypt/tokenize data, files, unstructured content. Bulk process using included Data Transformation (DTT) tools
Included are App security gateway (entire UI or API traffic), SSO support, CASB security (AVAM, DLP, UEBA etc.), audit logging, dashboards, flexible pricing and much more!

Best In Class Security for Any Size Business

Built For Scale

API and gateway solutions designed with minimal latency and high-performance require no local database, making it practical to encrypt any amount of data.

Meet Compliance

Used by F1000 in Banking, HealthCare, Insurance and more to meet HIPPA, PCI, SOC2 and other mandatory certifications.

Hold or Bring your keys

With the flexibility of HYOK and BYOK, our customers choose what suits their requirements.

Ensure Data Sovereignty

Laws in some regions dictate that sensitive data cannot leave an organization, even if it is encrypted. CipherCloud addresses this with advanced cloud tokenization, replacing sensitive fields with randomly generated tokens that are structurally similar but have no mathematical correlation to the original data. The original data and mappings are stored locally in a JDBC-compliant database.

Zero Trust Encryption

While many cloud security solutions focus on data encryption at rest, CipherCloud brings a comprehensive encryption solution that protects data no matter where it is — “at rest,” in network transit, in the cloud application layers (API, middleware, memory), and in use. This helps prevent threats such as credential theft, account hijacking, insecure APIs, malicious insiders or forced government disclosure that primarily target data in-use, not at rest.

Seamless integrations with your favorite software

Getting started is easy and workflows are integrated with where your employees are already working.

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