How do I prevent cloud misconfigurations?

With the growing cloud popularity and adoption, organizations migrating their business critical applications to the cloud are overlooking a simple cloud security question – how do I maintain configuration templates across multiple SaaS and IaaS clouds such as Office 365, Box, Salesforce, AWS, and Azure that drastically reduces risk and eliminates human configuration error or oversight? As the cloud grows, the need to track and protect against misconfigurations grows in parallel.

With CipherCloud Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), organizations can reduce the operational complexity of managing multiple clouds through a centralized security solution for all cloud services and infrastructure, prevent cloud misconfigurations that can lead to data loss and enable consistent compliance standards across all the cloud subscriptions.

CipherCloud CSPM Delivers:

CipherCloud CSPM monitors cloud security configuration with an extensive list of templates and rule sets, enabling protection of infrastructure, application and data and enforces remediations for SaaS and IaaS apps.

Feature Highlights

Continuous visibility into policy violations across multiple public cloud environments

Monitor and auto-correct misconfigured SaaS services and cloud workloads

Detect new services and servers in IaaS environments

Enforce compliance and industry standards (CIS, NIST, HIPAA, etc)

Cloud Security Posture Management Demo Video

How do I maintain configuration integrity of SaaS and IaaS apps?

At the heart of CSPM is the detection of cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities that can lead to compliance violations and data breaches⁠. CipherCloud’s CSPM performs an automated assessment of your cloud landscape against well-defined security and compliance guidelines, and provides a comprehensive view of your cloud risk posture through intuitive and drill-down dashboards.

Feature Highlights

Deep visibility into usage and security events

Alerts and notification to stay on top of events

Secure Open Buckets (S3), IaaS, SaaS configurations

Detailed monitoring and alerting to help sec-ops

30+ page detailed CIO/CISO report for audits


Tackling Cloud Configuration Security Challenges with CSPM

How do I enable multi-cloud governance for my SaaS apps?

CipherCloud’s CSPM checks the security configurations of SaaS applications against industry’s security best practices, enabling visibility and automatic remediation of critical misconfigurations in the cloud.

Feature Highlights

A single pane of glass for all SaaS security needs

Real-time alerts and detailed audit reporting

Privileged user activity monitoring

Scheduling options for continuous compliance


Identify and remediate misconfigurations in Salesforce and Office 365

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