Keep Your Sensitive Data in Safe Hands

How do I get full visibility and protection for Email, SaaS and IaaS applications?

Data Loss Prevention is key for identifying and protecting sensitive data. Get full visibility of sensitive data across all cloud applications using CipherCloud industry leading DLP. Apply out-of-box policies to identify and classify data across all sanctioned cloud applications on Office365, G Suite, Box, Salesforce, and more.


Advanced Data Loss Prevention Solutions

CipherCloud DLP defines centralized policies to analyze and protect sensitive data across SaaS apps and emails, preventing malicious or accidental data loss. The DLP scans the data, while at rest or in motion, and enforces data protection controls on detecting any policy violation. CipherCloud DLP helps accelerate your cloud adoption strategy with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, data protection solution

Compliance Scanning

Sophisticated compliance scanning lets you easily discover and classify new and existing content. Out-of-the-box policies scan for content relevant to GDPR, PCI, GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA compliance regulations, credit card numbers, national IDs, social security numbers, bank routing codes, national drug codes, and more.

Extend Enterprise DLP to the Cloud

CipherCloud also connects to enterprise DLP systems including Symantec, RSA and Websense, allowing you to extend existing enterprise policies to cloud applications. CipherCloud makes efficient use of the ICAP protocol, pre-screening content and then sending selected content to Cloud DLP engines for further analysis.

Adaptive Policy Controls

CipherCloud makes it easy to create context-aware policies based on who, what, where and why and automatically take appropriate actions to prevent data loss. Actions can include block, quarantine, redirect, notify, self-remediation, block sharing (internal or external) and selective encryption.

On-Demand Scanning of Existing Cloud Data

CipherCloud can scan new cloud data as well as any historical data that is already in the cloud. With a single click, CipherCloud can run on-demand scans of data within any supported cloud, discovering where data is located, how it is being used, and whether it violates your data protection policies.

Intuitive Drill-Down Dashboards

CipherCloud delivers visibility in clear, intuitive and configurable dashboards. You can immediately drill-down on any dashboard to reveal more specific user information, as well as the source of any DLP violation across multiple clouds. Any information captured by CipherCloud can be easily exported to a range of report formats.

CipherCloud DLP Delivers:

  • Granular policy controls to detect, remediate and prevent potential breaches
  • Multi-cloud protection across the widest range of cloud apps
  • Out-of-the-box compliance policies for many global regulations
  • On-demand scanning of new files or content going to the cloud
  • Historical data scans to detect sensitive data already in the cloud
  • Integration with enterprise DLP systems to extend corporate policies to cloud apps

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