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CASB Challenges

CipherCloud CASB+ Platform 

Multi-Cloud Security Compliance Solution CipherCloud, a leader in cloud security, provides powerful end-to-end protection for data resident in the cloud. Our award-winning cloud access security broker delivers comprehensive visibility, data security, threat protection, and compliance for cloud-based assets. Uniquely, CipherCloud provides CASB Challenges, cloud security solutions, Cloud Security Gateway the deepest levels of data protection and real-time data access control to provide an immediate solution for challenging cloud security and compliance problems. The world’s largest global enterprises and government institutions in over 25 countries protect and secure their cloud information with CipherCloud.




Minimize Data Breach Risks with Powerful Data Protection End-to-end data protection and other key features ensure unprotected data is never stored in cloud applications or platforms, minimizing the risk of data breach, financial loss, reputational and legal impact.

Improve GDPR Readiness – One Solution to Meet Global Compliance Requirements
The CipherCloud CASB+ architecture can address any mix of global compliance requirements and local privacy laws to simplify your cloud-based application adoption.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption
Move to cloud benefits faster by overcoming cloud security, data privacy and compliance obstacles.

Increase Cloud Visibility
Discover cloud usage and related data movement and user activity to minimize data lost and compliance risk.

Prevent Forced 3rd Party Disclosures
Unique key management capabilities give you more control and improve compliance

Enhance Collaborative Governance
CASB+ provides a full solution for the collaborative sharing of data with 3rd parties, including full control over sensitive content and full monitoring and logging of activity.

Reduce Cost of Ownership
One centrally controlled, easy-to-deploy cloud or hybrid platform to address all enterprise cloud requirements, providing end-to-end data protection, and minimizing the scope of compliance audits.



Transparent Workflow Experience
CipherCloud CASB+ extends data protection transparently and seamlessly to the user community, ensuring application experiences are not affected.

Any App Connector
Customers can integrate powerful application-level protection on sensitive data for their own custom applications. Application Specific Data Protection. CipherCloud CASB+ provides the deepest levels field level data protection for your major enterprise applications.

Hybrid Architecture
A single CipherCloud platform can support CASB Challenges, multiple application clouds and any mix of cloud and on-premise key management.

Enterprise Integration
Complete integrations with EDLP, EDRM, SIEM, IAM, SSO, EMM and NGFW are all in place today.

Encryption – Full End-to-End and Searchable
Encryption at rest, in-flight, and in-use can address the strongest security requirements while still providing user transparency for search, reporting, sorting, charts, and more.

Zero Trust Key Management
Full support for HMS and multiple on-premise keys enable you to address the most diverse compliance requirements.

Native Device Management
Limit authenticated users by device type so that access is done only from trusted designated platforms.

Secure Offline Data Access
Enable secure document access offline and automatically expire this access with a defined time period.

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