CASB Innovations for Email, SaaS, and IaaS applications

Adoption of cloud applications and services has been on a constant rise across industries. Right from accessing corporate emails to storing customer records and intellectual property, cloud services and applications have become the default answer for all business operation needs. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) is the only viable choice to secure all the data in the cloud. Over the last few years, security requirements for cloud services and applications have evolved with increasing cadence and sophistications of bad actors. As a result, CASBs today go beyond the regular visibility, threat protection, information protection, and compliance needs.

This year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for CASB has defined stricter inclusion criteria, leading to only 9 CASB vendors being included in the report, compared to 13 vendors last year. CipherCloud’s continued focus on innovation in the CASB field has helped in its positioning as the only visionary in the Magic Quadrant. Before we dive into the three crucial cutting-edge feature additions to CASB by CipherCloud, let’s take a look at the major market drivers for the next-gen CASBs.

Where should CASBs focus their attention on?

Emails are moving to cloud: Microsoft Office 365 and Google Suite are the two most popular SaaS applications today. Users are constantly uploading and sharing data across emails and collaboration tools, such as Sharepoint, OneDrive, Google Drive etc. How would you define policies to prevent data loss from these cloud-native applications?

Increasing cloud misconfiguration risks: Greater cloud footprint makes it difficult to keep track of all the security and data access configurations. How would you ensure your growing cloud environment remains water-tight, while being compliant to all the data residency laws?

Monitoring user access from any location and device: One of the top benefits offered by cloud is data access from any location, anytime. How would you control all the disparate entities from accessing cloud and ensure governance through a common security and monitoring fabric?

Three new CipherCloud CASB+ offerings come to the rescue

Secure Email Gateway: CipherCloud’s industry-first ‘secure email gateway’ extends CASB+ DLP, DRM, Adaptive Access Control and UEBA to Office 365 and Gmail, delivering full suite multi-mode protection (API, Inline and Email). Organizations can now gain granular control over corporate email usage, with unprecedented data protection and audit capabilities.

Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): CipherCloud CSPM for IaaS and SaaS applications enables discovery of sensitive cloud assets, with continuous monitoring and compliance enforcements to leading clouds. Deep usage visibility, real-time alerts and detailed reporting ensures all cloud security controls and best practices are in place.

Secure SaaS Workspace: CipherCloud Secure SaaS Workspace is an evolution of inline CASB+ Adaptive Access Controls and enables secure access to all the cloud apps through a centralized web portal. Organization can now extend enterprise policies to govern cloud access from managed and unmanaged devices, and remain in complete control of sensitive data.

Join us for a live webinar discussion at 9am PST on Thursday December 5th, 2019, where we will take a deep-dive into our breakthrough CASB offerings and review Gartner’s findings and recommendations in 2019 Magic Quadrant for CASB.

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