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At CipherCloud, we’re changing the world by enabling organizations to accelerate their adoption of cloud applications while ensuring visibility and control of their data.


We're doing something that no company has ever done before. We're excited by the opportunity to enable millions of organizations to move to the cloud. We embrace change as an opportunity.


We strive to reach our full potential as a company and as individuals. We constantly seek out ways to improve in everything we do. We believe in putting the right people, processes, and best practices in place to ensure that we deliver superior value and quality.


The CipherCloud team is "all in". As a company, we're passionate about what we do, and actively seek out candidates that share our level of dedication.

Customer Success

We are passionate about the success of our customers in every area of our business, from pre-sales, to post-sales, to engineering, and QA. We understand that our company will not be successful if our customer are not successful. We actively seek out people that have "gone the extra mile" to satisfy customers.

Team Work

We strive to have the confidence to rely on others and to be open to new and different people and ideas. We communicate actively and openly. We build trust by honouring our commitments. We show respect for each other. We look for high-energy people that share our enthusiasm and our ability to work as a single team.

What we do & our core values

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