Building a More Complete Cloud Security Solution from a CASB and SASE Perspective

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In these interesting times, when those of us in the vendor community are pushing harder than ever for additional recognition in a crowded security market – one further intensified by the inability to do business in person – it’s extremely rewarding to garner high praise from respected industry experts.

Further, when those analyst plaudits are framed within a narrative that we know to reflect customers’ most pressing real-world objectives, the positive feedback is understandably even more gratifying.

We know that organizations connect closely with our vision for integrated CASB, SASE, and Data Security capabilities when they choose the CipherCloud CASB+ platform to protect the crown jewels of their business. At the same time, when industry researchers broadly endorse the same vision that we have embraced related to the continued evolution of our product, it’s the best form of additional validation available.

The fact that CipherCloud has achieved a perfect score from leading global analyst firm KuppingerCole in its 2020 CASB Market Compass report is exciting – with CASB+ achieving the highest rating of “strong positive” across each of the nine product categories. It’s worth noting that this is the fourth year in a row that the firm has awarded top scores to CipherCloud for key solutions elements including:  data protection, security, interoperability, usability, deployment, discovery, access control, compliance and posture management.

However, the most interesting and exciting aspect of the report, at least to our eyes, is KuppingerCole Distinguished Analyst Mike Small’s observation that as CASBs branch out and mature from their current state into what he identifies as more “complete” cloud security solutions, his worldview tracks closely with ours as we push into further into the growing market for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), and beyond.

For starters the report highlights CipherCloud’s unique market leadership around data protection, or what we would maintain to represent the very foundation of everything customers are asking for, both today and tomorrow, as their approach to cloud security and privacy is increasingly more data-centric. Looking into the future, this broader and complete set of offerings will also need to encompass CASB, cloud security posture management (CSPM), Data and User Protection as well as Zero Trust Network Controls, Small writes.

That’s undoubtedly the most compelling aspect of the report for CipherCloud, as we’re already delivering key capabilities around all of these requirements today – with many more to come in the future.

We see our customers responding to emerging challenges like the global pandemic and overnight growth of the remote workforce by leaning into existing CASB use cases around automated data discovery, integrated DLP, user-based threat prevention and consistent policy controls for both managed and unmanaged devices – this is where the pain points exist for most organizations today. Looking forward we are helping them to apply a Zero Trust methodology to all of this, and continue to look for ways to manage the entire cloud data lifecycle in a more efficient and centralized manner, including Zero Trust Network Access and CSPM – it simply makes too much sense to approach the process via in an integrated, end-to-end strategy.

There are a lot of smart people in our field, and many impressive products, so it’s extremely flattering to land on top of one of these market assessments. I know that the goal of everyone on the CipherCloud team is to continue to earn this market leadership recognition, in particular by delivering for our customers.

Download the complete KuppingerCole in its 2020 CASB Market Compass report here.


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