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Recognized Leadership vs Claims of Leadership

CipherCloud leads the pack in first independent CASB market comparison Getting…
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Does BYOK Mean ‘Barely Your Own Keys’?

3 truths about encryption, key sharing and data-at- rest Many…

Leave or Remain, GDPR will set the standard for data privacy across Europe and the rest of the world.

“Hello, I must be going, I cannot stay, I came to say, I…
safeguarding file sharing in cloud

Putting the “S” in CASB ­­­­­— Safeguarding Cloud File Sharing

As we have discussed in a recent blog post Cloud File Sharing…

How to Establish Ethical Firewalls for Cloud File Sharing

The cloud enables your team to collaborate easily, but collaboration…
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Cloud File Sharing: Big Rewards — and Big Risks

Nearly every business runs 24x7 these days. Employees need to…

Use a CASB to Protect Your PII and PCI No Matter Where It Is or How It Got There

Data is everywhere. It's in databases, both behind your firewalls…

3 Key Factors for Data Privacy & Enterprise Cloud Adoption

When it comes to enterprise cloud adoption, one critical risk…