AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud Security

AWS, GCP, and Azure Cloud Security​


The Power of CASB+ for Modern Cloud Service Providers

Address misconfigurations in IaaS cloud environments

Manage cloud security posture with automated assessment of your IaaS and SaaS landscape against well-defined security guidelines, reducing the operational complexity in managing multiple apps, and preventing data loss from misconfigurations.

Address cloud compliance and data privacy

IaaS multi-cloud environments are used by businesses that span countries and geographies. CipherCloud CASB+ architecture can address any mix of global compliance requirements and local privacy laws to simplify your cloud-based application adoption.

CipherCloud CASB+ for AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure Cloud

Increase Cloud Visibility

Discover IaaS cloud usage, data movement, and user activity to minimize data loss and compliance risk.


Cloud infrastructure market has witnessed stupendous growth. Clocking in a growth trend, GCP has amassed 83% growth, while Azure has registered a 75% growth. AWS has maintained its momentum with a 41% growth rate.

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Modern Solutions for Modern Platforms

Minimize Data Breach Risks with Powerful Data Protection

In the last decade, we have witnessed a number of data breaches that have hampered business continuity. End-to-end data protection and other key features ensure data is never stored in cloud applications or cloud platforms unprotected, minimizing the risk of data breach, financial loss, and reputational and legal impact.

Prevent Forced 3rd Party Disclosures and Be in Control

Even if your data is encrypted and the keys are not under your control, your data might be exposed to several security risks. CipherCloud CASB+ brings a unique and powerful key management capability that is always in the customer’s jurisdiction. Never give your cloud provider your data encryption keys. Flexible key options provide customers greater control over data access.

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Additional Benefits

Enhance Collaborative Governance

Lack of regular audits of resources and open collaborations can lead to security flaws. CipherCloud CASB+ provides a full solution for the collaborative sharing of data with 3rd parties, including full control over sensitive content and full monitoring and logging of activity.

One Solution to Meet Global Compliance Requirements
The CipherCloud CASB+ architecture can address any mix of global compliance requirements and local privacy laws to simplify your cloud-based application adoption.


Slack Solution Brief

Solution Brief

Learn how CipherCloud CASB+ can integrate with cloud service providers in our solution brief. Discover use cases and detailed capabilities of our platform.


White Paper

Learn how CipherCloud's CASB+ platform addresses common challenges that modern cloud service platform users face in this white paper.



Watch this short introduction video about CipherCloud CASB+ platform and the benefits of our technology.

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