Adobe Analytics Cloud Security

The Power of CASB+ for Your Adobe Analytics Cloud

CASB+ for Adobe Analytics Solution Highlights:​

  • Accelerate Cloud Adoption.
  • Increase Cloud Visibility.
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership with One Strategy to Secure ALL of Your Clouds.
  • Minimize Data Breach Risks with Powerful Data Protection.
  • Prevent Forced 3rd Party Disclosures and Be in Control.
  • Enhance Collaborative Governance.
  • Improve GDPR Readiness – One Solution to Meet Global Compliance Requirements.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Move to Adobe Analytics cloud faster by overcoming cloud security, data privacy, and compliance obstacles.

Increase Cloud Visibility

Discover Adobe Analytics cloud usage, data movement, and user activity to minimize data loss and compliance risk.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

One centrally controlled, easy-to-deploy hosted or hybrid platform to address all enterprise cloud requirements, providing end-to-end data protection and minimizing the scope of compliance audits.

Minimize Data Breach Risks with Powerful Data Protection

End-to-end data protection and other key features ensure data is never stored unprotected in cloud applications or cloud platforms, minimizing the risk of data breach, financial loss, and reputational and legal impact.

Prevent Forced 3rd Party Disclosures and Be in Control

CipherCloud CASB+ brings a unique and powerful key management capability to Adobe Analytics that is always in the customer’s jurisdiction.  No matter who requests access to the data from the third parties to the cloud provider, only the customer can grant or deny access.

Enhance Collaborative Governance

CipherCloud CASB+ provides a full solution for the collaborative sharing of data with 3rd parties, including full control over sensitive content and full monitoring and logging of all cloud activity.

One Solution to Meet Global Compliance Requirements

The CipherCloud CASB+ architecture can uniquely address any mix of global compliance requirements and local privacy laws,  simplifying your cloud-based application adoption.

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