How do you identify and protect from unauthorized account access?

As cloud-based collaboration and file sharing rapidly grow, you need assurance that users accessing the SaaS applications where sensitive or critical data is being stored are whom they say they are. CipherCloud Adaptive Access Control (AAC) provides advanced account protection, with the ability to identify unauthorized access.

CipherCloud Adaptive Access Control Delivers:

CipherCloud Adaptive Access Control performs a continuous risk assessment of users, devices, apps and locations, keeping a close watch on user activity and risks throughout the session in the cloud and protecting against data loss and threats in SaaS apps and emails.

Feature Highlights

Zero-trust identity protection in combination with IDaaS solutions and MFA

User access control from any device and any location, blocking malicious access

Multi-cloud policy management across the widest range of cloud apps

See Adaptive Access Control in Action​

Watch this quick demo video and learn how CipherCloud Adaptive Access Control can lock down your business data from unwanted access.

How do I protect access to sensitive data and applications from risky, malicious users?

CipherCloud CASB+ delivers zero-trust user access security from any device or location, to all trusted cloud applications. Policies are defined to allow cloud access based upon the user context – location, user group, IP Address, device type, etc., with automated remediation on detection of policy violation. Remediation may include connection termination, or session restart with step-up authentication.

Feature Highlights

Continuous monitoring of users, apps and devices with UEBA for real-time anomaly detection

Verify user integrity at the door with Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Detect and block user time travel. For example, an attempted valid log-in from Beijing only two hours after logging in from Chicago, Illinois.

Define user risk scores (high, medium, low) to limit access privileges


Securing Data and Access for Remote Collaboration

How do I prevent data downloads from unmanaged, BYO devices?

CASB+ dynamically restricts access to cloud resources with powerful policy engine for endpoint device classification into managed and unmanaged devices. With digital X.509 certificates based device identification, selective cloud access can be provided for unmanaged devices, with download restrictions.

Feature Highlights

Restricted file sharing with external groups on collaboration apps such as Office 365 or Slack

Information Rights Management protects data downloads on BYO devices

Integration with Enterprise MDM solutions to understand device posture and enforce device-level access restrictions

Secure non-SSO based cloud access from unmanaged devices using Secure SaaS Workspaces

Browser-only access to unmanaged devices, and denying access through thick apps


CASB Zero Trust Cloud Security for Data and User Access Controls

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