Keep sensitive information inside your network to assure data residency and sovereignty

For organizations with strict data residency requirements, CipherCloud provides the ability to retain specific sensitive data on-premise while using cloud-based applications. Tokenization substitutes randomly generated values for the original data, which never leaves the enterprise.

Assured Data Sovereignty

Laws in some regions dictate that sensitive data cannot leave an organization, even if it is encrypted. CipherCloud addresses this with advanced tokenization, replacing sensitive fields with randomly generated tokens that are structurally similar, but have no mathematical correlation to the original data. The original data and mappings are stored locally in a JDBC-compliant database.


Format and Function Preserving

Tokenization maintains the format of your data and preserves the functionality of your cloud applications. CipherCloud maps the protected data to the substitute tokens and uses this mapping to seamlessly support searching, sorting, or reporting on protected data. Tokenization preserves the formatting of fixed-field data such as credit cards, social security numbers, or phone numbers.

Granular Field-Level Control

CipherCloud lets you control security precisely on a per-field basis. You can easily mix-and-match tokenization with encryption, enforcing data residency where required, while leveraging lower-overhead encryption for other fields.

High Performance

CipherCloud is deployed in many of the world’s largest enterprises, and is highly scalable, delivering high-throughput with extremely low latency. A high-performance stateless architecture requires makes it practical to tokenize or encrypt any amount of data.