Key Management

Maintain exclusive control over your encryption keys

You don’t share the keys to your car with strangers. And you can’t allow outsiders to have access to the encryption keys that protect your sensitive business data. CipherCloud enables you to encrypt data before it leaves your organization, and maintain exclusive control over the keys, with enterprise-class key management capabilities.

Standards-Based Key Storage

CipherCloud provides enterprise key management capabilities in compliance with NIST SP 800-57 standards.  Multiple key storage options allow keys to be stored securely on the CipherCloud platform or separately on a KMIP-compliant key management server.

Multiple Layers of Security

CipherCloud protects encryption keys with multiple layers of security. Administrative access to the server is password-protected, and key configuration data is encrypted and only accessible to authorized administrators. The actual encryption keys are locked within a secure key store on the CipherCloud platform, or a third-party key store, such as SafeNet KeySecure.


Key Management and Rotation

Protecting your encryption keys is essential for your business and CipherCloud provides a range of tools to assure ongoing security. Keys can be split keys between multiple custodians to reduce internal threats. Keys can also be rotated or expired without affecting access to legacy data.