Searchable Strong Encryption

Encrypt your data and keep the keys to assure security and compliance

CipherCloud Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE) encryption delivers the benefits of the cloud, while assuring security and compliance for your most sensitive information. CipherCloud makes it easy to protect any type of data with standards-based encryption that only you can unlock – because no one else can access your encryption keys. And CipherCloud does this without disabling your applications – maintaining business-critical functions while keeping your data fully protected.

Advanced Security

CipherCloud uses AES 256-bit encryption, the highest commercially available level of encryption. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) was established by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and is widely deployed by government and private organizations globally. AES is a symmetric-key algorithm, using the same key is used for both encrypting and decrypting the data, providing high performance and scalability.


Search Preserving

CipherCloud is unique in delivering the highest levels of security, while preserving the functionality of encrypted data and the user experience. Patented SSE technology provides secure virtual indexing at the gateway while sending the strongly encrypted data to the cloud. This unique solution enables natural language searches, wild cards, Boolean phrases and support for flexible search terms, such as “starts with” or “ends with”, compatible with today’s Internet search conventions.

FIPS Certification

CipherCloud has been tested and approved for FIPS 140-2 certification by Advanced Data Security, a NIST-certified testing lab. Official certification is expected later this year. No other vendor in this space has undergone the lengthy and rigorous process of FIPS certification.

Granular Field-Level Control

CipherCloud lets you control security precisely on a per-field basis. With the widest range of encryption options, you can set the level of security and search-ability for each data type, supporting both structured and unstructured fields. Specialized encryption options support dates, phone numbers, decimal numbers, timestamps, email addresses, credit cards and social security numbers.

Format and Function Preserving

Many database fields require that the format and structure of the data remain intact while encrypted. For example, a field for credit card numbers expects a 16-digit numeric number, not a longer string of random characters. CipherCloud makes it possible to preserve the length, format of your data while maintaining the highest possible levels of security.  CipherCloud also maintains the functionality of applications with encryption options that preserves critical business functions such as sorting and reporting, without decrypting it in the cloud.

High Performance Architecture

CipherCloud is deployed in many of the world’s largest enterprises, and is highly scalable, delivering high-throughput with extremely low latency. A high-performance stateless architecture requires no local database, making it practical to encrypt any amount of data.