Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) 

Enable the cloud while preventing data loss

The cloud makes it easy to share content and collaborate with anyone, anywhere – improving your organization’s efficiency and productivity. But this can also be a wide open door for leaks of sensitive or regulated information from your organization, with potentially disastrous effects. Many organizations have DLP policies and systems in place, but cloud applications can bypass these controls entirely. CipherCloud solves this by integrating enterprise-class DLP with many of its solutions, providing greater control and regulatory compliance.


Out-of-the-Box Policies

CipherCloud for Box includes out-of-the-box compliance templates for major financial, healthcare, and privacy regulations with pre-built DLP policies for credit cards, personal information, banking codes, health information and more.

Support for Enterprise DLP Systems

The solution can integrate with your existing DLP systems such as Symantec or RSA via the ICAP protocol, enabling you to extend your enterprise DLP policies to cloud applications.

Multiple Enforcement Options

CipherCloud provides granular policy controls to prevent leaks while not interfering with your business. Based on your policies, the solution can automatically alert, block, prevent sharing, quarantine, encrypt, or allow self-remediation – giving users a time window to fix problems.

Policy-Based Encryption

Enforcing DLP policies by deleting, blocking or quarantining files can often cause business disruptions, and unhappy users, even if the actions were warranted. CipherCloud offers a better, more elegant solution, by encrypting content on-the-fly, based on your DLP policies. This secures content from leaks in the cloud, and assures that only the right people can access it. But authorized users can still download and decrypt content from any device.

Real-Time and On-Demand Scanning

CipherCloud scans content for DLP violations as it is being uploaded to applications like Box, with minimal latency. In addition, the solution can provide on-demand scanning for content already in Box folders, making it easy to add new users, or run periodic audits on specific folders.