Advanced Security Technology Keeps You in Control

CipherCloud delivers the industry’s most advanced security technology to protect your information in the cloud. Sensitive data is always protected – in transit, at rest, and in use, preventing access by unauthorized outsiders, while preserving the usability and functionality of your cloud applications.

Advanced AES 256-Bit Encryption

Secures data with the strongest levels of protection that only you can unlock, while preserving the format and functioning of your applications.


Meets strict data residency requirements by substituting randomly generated values for the original data, which never leaves your enterprise.

encryption key management

Key Management

Keeps you in control of your data as the encryption keys never leave your organization. Enterprise key management tools ensure compliance.


Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Examines cloud content to prevent damaging leaks. Multiple enforcement options and policy-based encryption secure data without interrupting your business.

Cloud Malware Detection

Stops viruses from entering your network through the cloud with real-time scanning, cleaning, quarantining, and zero-day updates.

Activity Monitoring

Tracks all user interactions across multiple cloud applications to generate detailed audit trails, reports, and security dashboards.