CC Platform

AES 256-bit Encryption

CipherCloud uses standards-based AES 256-bit encryption, which is FIPS-compliant and has been extensively reviewed and tested by many independent organizations.  This encryption standard has been widely deployed for secure government and civilian applications globally.
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Tokenization Options

For organizations with strict data residency requirements, CipherCloud also provides tokenization – substituting randomly generated values for the original data, which never leaves the enterprise. The original data and mappings are stored locally in a JDBC-compliant database.
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Enterprise Key Management

The solution includes enterprise-grade key management in compliance with NIST SP 800-57 standards.  Keys can be stored securely on the CipherCloud Platform or separately on a KMIP-compliant server. Keys can be split between multiple custodians, rotated or expired without affecting legacy data.

High-Performance Architecture

The CipherCloud platform is highly scalable, supporting large scale, high throughput deployments with extremely low latency. A stateless architecture requires no local database for encryption.

Multi-Org Support

Organizations often have many separate Salesforce Orgs that have been deployed by separate departments. CipherCloud can manage multiple Salesforce Orgs or cloud applications with a single system, providing centralized policy controls and company-wide enforcement.

Flexible Policy Controls

Security can be applied on a granular per-field, per-word, or per-character basis.  A range of security options let you precisely set the level of security and search-ability for each data type, supporting both structured fields in Salesforce and unstructured data, such as Salesforce Chatter posts.

Advanced Function Preservation

Security that breaks applications is pointless. CipherCloud avoids this by integrating tightly with Salesforce, preserving format, search, sort and other key functions. CipherCloud supports full wild-card searches, and advanced report filters (such as “less than” or “greater than”).

Cloud Malware Detection

Cloud applications often bypass conventional network-based anti-virus systems, but CipherCloud adds integrated malware protection for all content going in and out of your cloud applications, with zero-day protection against cloud viruses, spyware, Trojans, bots, rootkits, and more.
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Enhanced Visibility and Activity Monitoring

CipherCloud tracks and time-stamps all user interactions across cloud applications and transparently captures data to generate detailed audit trails. CipherCloud provides out-of-the-box reports or integrates with third-party log management or reporting tools.
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Broad Support for Mobile Devices

CipherCloud enables you to continue to access Salesforce seamlessly from mobile devices, supporting mobile clients and Salesforce Touch.

Extensible Platform for Custom Integration

The CipherCloud platform can be easily extended to support any kind of external cloud application, database, or third-party Salesforce AppExchange solution, enabling you to extend security for the entire Salesforce ecosystem.

Multiple Deployment Options

The CipherCloud platform can be installed on a physical server or virtual machine behind your corporate firewall, or deployed in a virtual private cloud (such as Amazon Web Services). The solution can also be hosted by third-party providers such as Rackspace or NTT.