• Protect and Control Productivity in the Microsoft Cloud

CipherCloud for Office 365 ensures granular control and activity monitoring of corporate users and files.

CipherCloud for Office 365 delivers policy-based protection, sharing controls and compliance scanning while allowing authorized users to collaborate freely.

With CipherCloud organizations gain in-depth visibility into the content users are sharing enabling data classification and context sensitive controls.  And CipherCloud’s industry leading policy-based encryption permits approved business workflows while protecting sensitive information from data loss or theft.

Product Highlights

  • Quickly on-board OneDrive and SharePoint Online instances
  • Native integration with Microsoft management APIs supports Office 365 specific objects including SharePoint sites, folders, groups and sharing levels
  • Flexible remediation of policy violations including block, quarantine, redirect, notify, self-remediation, restrict sharing (internal or external) and encrypt
  • Advanced mobile client supports remote access to files on any device

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Protect Sensitive Files:
Policy-Based Encryption and File Sharing Controls

CipherCloud for Office 365 automatically protects sensitive data in OneDrive and SharePoint Online using policy-based protections (access controls, DLP and encryption) that ensures sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users.

Customers with multiple OneDrive and SharePoint Online sites require consistent protection of company files. The CipherCloud solution:

  • Enforces advanced collaboration controls including external shares and public links, folder, group, user and content level sharing restrictions
  • Detects, classifies and encrypts files containing sensitive information using granular data loss prevention polices
  • Enforces decryption control to the end-point device
  • Maintains customer control of encryption keys

Application Awareness: Deep Visibility and Monitoring

CipherCloud for Office 365 monitors users, content and devices continuously.

Customers need to monitor activity in Office 365 (and other clouds) to understand behavior of users within and across clouds.  The CipherCloud solution:

  • Provides analysis of logins, downloads, uploads, deletes, exports, file sharing and more
  • Details usage statistics for users, files, devices, objects and operating systems
  • Tracks sensitive data trends by geo-location, sharing violations, encrypted files and more

Threat Protection:
Detect User Anomalies and Administrator Activity

CipherCloud for Office 365 detects user anomalies and alerts organizations to risky administrator actions.

Customers require alerts when user anomalies in Office 365 (and other clouds) indicate suspicious activity and require notifications when cloud administrators perform risky actions.  The CipherCloud solution:

  • Filter and report activities to investigate activity within OneDrive and SharePoint and across clouds
  • Analyzes activities of privileged users such as user add, user delete, security and session settings, password policies and more
  • Detects suspicious activity including geo-concurrent logins, excessive file downloads by count and size and after hours activities

…with CipherCloud’s single solution approach, we have a secure file sharing platform for all our employees, and the assurance that patient data privacy and compliance is supported as required under HIPAA regulations.”

—Senior Director, IT Security

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