Enable business collaboration while protecting your sensitive information

Salesforce Chatter enables the rapid sharing of information with networks of employees and business partners, but this increases the risk of sensitive information being exposed in the cloud. CipherCloud protects your data before it leaves your organization, giving you exclusive control, regardless of where it resides. CipherCloud integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Chatter and its desktop clients, enabling you to encrypt or tokenize sensitive information while maintaining the usability of Salesforce


Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Cloud,
Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud,
Salesforce Platform & AppExchange
AES 256-bit Encryption
Cloud Data Loss Prevention
Cloud Malware Detection
Activity Monitoring

How it Works

CipherCloud gives you a control point for corporate data going to and from the cloud. All your users – internal, remote, or mobile – can seamlessly access Salesforce Chatter through desktop, web or mobile clients, while allowing you to enforce security policies.

The process is transparent to authorized users and preserves the functionality of Salesforce Chatter. CipherCloud provides AES 256 encryption, tokenization, cloud malware detection, and activity monitoring for any of your information before it goes to the cloud. Granular policy controls let you select appropriate security levels for structured fields, unstructured data, or attachments.

When information is encrypted by CipherCloud, the critical encryption keys always remain within your organization. If your protected data is accessed in the cloud by an unauthorized user, it is indecipherable to anyone who does not possess the keys.

CipherCloud supports popular features in Salesforce Chatter like # tags, @ mentions, allowing users to search or sort data even when it is encrypted. Detailed audit logging provides unprecedented visibility into cloud usage, security, and content. The solution is highly scalable, and adds negligible latency with a stateless architecture and is easily deployed on physical or virtual servers as well as private cloud deployments.

CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter integrates seamlessly with all types of Salesforce applications including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and can integrate with custom applications built on the Salesforce Platform (Force.com) as well as third-party products in the AppExchange ecosystem.