Cloud Information Protection for Box

Data loss prevention and AES encryption integrated with Box security

Box makes it easy to share content and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. But your organization needs controls to make sure that sensitive data does not end up in the wrong hands. CipherCloud enables the benefits of Box, while assuring that only authorized users can access regulated content – such as credit card numbers, healthcare information, or intellectual property.

CipherCloud for Box enforces your corporate DLP policies, delivering enhanced security, by scanning any content uploaded into Box, and automatically taking appropriate steps – such as encrypting, blocking, or quarantining sensitive data, while giving you exclusive control over your encryption keys. The solution gives you control and compliance, without interfering.


Box Enterprise
Cloud data loss prevention
Cloud malware detection
Real-time and on-demand scanning
Activity monitoring
Security dashboards

How it Works

CipherCloud is seamlessly integrated with Box and transparent to your users – who continue to access Box directly from anywhere, on any device. CipherCloud uses Box APIs to scan content in real-time when it is uploaded. Based on your policies, CipherCloud can enforce a range of actions including alert, block, restrict sharing, quarantine, or automatically encrypt sensitive files. All actions and alerts occur through the familiar Box interface along with email notifications.

CipherCloud for Box includes out-of-the-box compliance templates for major financial, healthcare, and privacy regulations with pre-built DLP policies for credit cards, personal information, banking codes, health information and more. The solution can also be integrated with existing enterprise DLP systems such as Symantec or RSA.

CipherCloud is unique in providing integrated AES 256-bit encryption, as an option to protect data, while still allowing it to be stored in Box. The encryption keys are managed within your organization – not with the cloud provider – assuring compliance for sensitive information. While files are encrypted in Box, they can still be easily accessed and decrypted by authorized users from any device (desktop, mobile, or web).