Box Data Security, Encryption And Compliance

Easily enable data loss prevention and data protection without compromising Box ease-of-use

Simplified user experience and ease of collaboration has become a must have for enterprise productivity. These demands have driven users to adopt a wide range of cloud storage and collaboration applications but have also created a visibility and data governance crisis for enterprises that need to manage risks and ensure compliance.

CipherCloud enables the benefits of Box security, while assuring that only authorized users can access regulated content such as credit card numbers, healthcare information, or intellectual property.

CipherCloud for Box enforces your corporate DLP policies, delivering enhanced security, by scanning content in Box and any new content uploaded into Box. The product will then automatically block, quarantine, or protect sensitive data when violations are triggered. The solution safeguards control and ensures compliance, without impeding Box operations or interfering with user functionality.

In addition, CipherCloud has solutions to help enterprises discover high risk cloud applications and consolidate users into enterprise friendly cloud providers like Box.