One Platform. Protect All Your Clouds

Cloud Security Delivered. You Keep the Keys.

There’s no denying the compelling advantages to moving to the cloud—reduced cost, greater scalability, increased mobility, faster deployment and instant upgrades to name a few. However, cloud security risks and cloud data compliance continue to be the primary hurdle for cloud adoption by enterprise organizations.

The CipherCloud Open Platform eliminates cloud security issues by delivering a single platform to secure sensitive customer information across all of your cloud applications, while preserving usability, functionality and performance. Available as a service or virtual appliance, CipherCloud delivers a comprehensive set of protection controls including encryption, tokenization, activity monitoring, data loss prevention (DLP) and malware detection that can overcome your cloud security concerns.

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CipherCloud solutions include:

CipherCloud for Salesforce

Eliminate data privacy and residency concerns for sensitive customer information in Salesforce and Data mashups too!

CipherCloud for Salesforce Chatter

Protect your internal communications with full confidence, control, and trust.

CipherCloud for Box

Delivers DLP to scan, detect and take action to protect sensitive information, providing an additional level of security and control for business collaboration and content sharing on Box.

CipherCloud for Office 365

Secure all of your email, calendar, contact, and task information stored in Microsoft Exchange Online and Hosted Exchange

CipherCloud for Gmail

Encrypt your sensitive corporate and customer information exchanged and stored in Gmail.

CipherCloud for Amazon Web Services

Protect data stored in Amazon databases, and reduce storage costs from other cloud applications by offloading secure storage. Protect your data in Amazon EC2 and S3 applications.

CipherCloud for Any App

Enables encryption for all IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS web applications, as well as behind-the-firewall intranet applications.

CipherCloud for Databases

Encrypt data and restrict key access for on-premise and cloud databases while preserving functionality without modifying applications.