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Monday, 22 August 2016 – Written by Suzel Belmonte

Francine Moreira de Souza Cunha, executive director, is among the professional network that implemented the project. The award was made by Ogarito Lopes, president of BSI technology, and Massimo Biffi, president of Olivetti.

Francine Moreira de Souza Cunha, executive director, is among the professional network that implemented the project. The award was made by Ogarito Lopes, president of BSI technology, and Massimo Biffi, president of Olivetti.

Environment provides the entire organization 360-degree view of the customer, with total security

To optimize the exchange of information in order to offer more and more services focused on the needs of its customers, Network – acquiring company responsible for acquiring, capturing, transmission, processing and settlement of transactions with credit and debit cards, Itaú Unibanco Group – He developed a relationship platform, public cloud, which allows a 360 ° view of the customer in one place for the entire organization, and uses the market leading technologies in the security aspect.

“With this innovative platform, you can quickly identify opportunities and needs. And this active relationship provides a better service and better efficiency of the operation, with measurable gains as customer loyalty; reducing calls to call centers for accreditation and contracting of goods and services; increase in productivity, generating increased sales; and capture new opportunities, “says Frederick Burin, Systems Superintendent Network.

The executive explains that before the project development, baptized with the name “Cockpit Network – Secure Relationship Platform and Innovative”, winner of efinance Award in the category “B2B Channels”, the customer service was made from several sources information, for example, spreadsheets, printed panels, call center, among other systems.

This procedure compromised the operation prevented because the information was available to the entire organization, at the end, not to mention that the employees were at risk of working with outdated data. To change this scenario and give efficiency to the process, the new platform has been developed in a cloud solution, Salesforce, to which all the company can connect, regardless of the area or where they are.

However, the major concern of the Network was to store customer information in a public cloud safely, to prevent against possible attacks on the platform. Was created, then the BSI technology, an architecture with several layers of security (antiataque DDoS, Mobile Device Management – MDM, encryption gateway, firewalls, segregation environments, secure communication HTTPS / SSL), where all sensitive information (address , billing, prices, etc.) are stored in encrypted form, and the Network possession of the encryption key. The encryption gateway, the CipherCloud California company, allows other solutions and applications are integrated into the platform, extracting and storing information securely.

Integrated and Secure Solution

“The platform integrates information from internal Network systems with the cloud platform and mobile solutions, building a robust integrated and secure solution. The Cockpit Network Mobile provides an agile tool service, and employees received tablets and smartphones through which they can access information and make requests. But the Cockpit Network web enables managers to monitor the day to day operation and extract management reports in real time, “said the superintendent.

The project received investments of approximately R $ 18 million and was completed in March this year. The implementation in the roll-out model in successive waves, which began in São Paulo and extended to the other states of Brazil, lasted a year. The task force has benefited around 1,300 executives and promoters of the commercial area, 1500 thousand technicians and managers around the country.

“Now, the organization’s decisions and strategies are easily disseminated to the whole operation through a corporate social network that allows sharing of different media (videos, photos, documents, etc.) with employees throughout the country. thanks to this network, employees can gather strategic information at the tip, identifying opportunities in the competition and sending them to a common repository of the company, where the management can analyze and make quick decisions, “says the executive.

“Moreover, it is very important to emphasize that we are facing a paradigm shift in the financial sector in general, because we found a way to store strategic customer information in public cloud securely, with full encryption control, combining safety, innovation and flexibility in a single solution, “he concludes.

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