CipherCloud Extends Cloud Data-Encryption Capabilities to Amazon Web Services

Provides Out-of-the-Box Connectors and Tools for Amazon S3, Amazon SimpleDB and Amazon EC2 for Customers and ISVs to Address Data Security, Privacy and Compliance Objectives


CipherCloud, a leading provider of award-winning encryption gateways for cloud platforms and applications, today announced CipherCloud out-of-the-box connectors for Amazon Web Services (AWS). With CipherCloud, enterprises that use AWS can implement encryption, tokenization and masking to protect sensitive data on-the-fly, before it is sent to the cloud, without impacting functionality, usability or performance. Furthermore, ISVs developing solutions on Amazon EC2 can offer enhanced security features leveraging CipherCloud’s data protection platform.

Similarly, by expanding support for AWS, CipherCloud now enables customers to unify data security policies across multiple enterprise cloud services. “Amazon Web Services provides organizations of all sizes with secure, cost-effective IT services that power their businesses. In addition to the investments we make in infrastructure and platform security, we support customers deploying additional security solutions to optimize protection for their individual business needs,” said Terry Wise, director of business development for AWS. “CipherCloud’s approach to securing data provides customers and ISVs with additional tools to help them optimize their security standards and meet their compliance objectives.”

CipherCloud’s key innovation is the application-level cloud encryption gateway that performs encryption and tokenization of sensitive data on an item-by-item basis, as data is proxied. The data can then be stored in a cloud service, without impacting the data’s functionality and usability. The company’s recently announced CipherCloud Connect Open API enables CipherCloud integration with any web application running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). In addition, CipherCloud is launching out-of-the-box connectors and tools that can be applied to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Simple Database (SimpleDB). Customers can choose from various encryption and tokenization strategies, and the encryption keys always remain with the customer. CipherCloud ensures that only the customer can access the data, regardless of where it resides.

“CipherCloud’s data encryption gateway has been helping enterprises secure applications by addressing key data security requirements, namely sovereignty, privacy and compliance. The company’s expansion to support Amazon Web Services provides enterprises with similar benefits,” said Eric Ogren, principal of the Ogren Group. “By working with vendors such as CipherCloud, Amazon Web Services ensures the continuation of a growing ecosystem of solutions for customers to utilize, especially with regard to critical capabilities for data security and compliance.”

“Enterprises know the cloud provides operational and economic benefits that improve efficiency and cut costs, but security and compliance concerns are top of mind. CipherCloud provides an innovative cloud encryption gateway for customers and partners to address these requirements,” said Pravin Kothari, founder and CEO, CipherCloud. “AWS is one of the most prominent enterprise cloud platforms in the world. Armed with CipherCloud, AWS developers can provide additional security and compliance controls to further enhance security for AWS and increase platform adoption.”

Availability CipherCloud connectors for AWS are now available as part of the CipherCloud 2 release. For more information, visit .

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CipherCloud ( ) provides a unified cloud encryption gateway with award-winning technology to encrypt sensitive data in real time before it’s sent to the cloud. CipherCloud protects enterprise data using encryption, tokenization, and malware detection in any private or public cloud environment without impacting functionality, usability, or performance. CipherCloud eliminates data privacy, data sovereignty, security, and regulatory compliance concerns, and accelerates cloud adoption.

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