cloud encryption trends and predictions

Cloud Encryption Trends & Predictions for 2016: Taking a Proactive Approach to Data Protection

Whether or not you make New Year's resolutions in your personal…
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Cloud Encryption Tip: Don't Share Your Encryption Keys

Picture this scene: You're shopping for a safe. You know you…

Cloud Data Encryption is Easy

When I was part of the PGP Corp team that created PGP Whole Disk…

For Total Cloud Data Protection, Companies Must Gain Control of Shadow IT

Think fast! How much of a problem is shadow IT at your organization? If…
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Breach Reported at JPMorgan Chase Demonstrates a Need for Data Encryption

In the annals of massive, potentially game-changing data breaches,…

3 Reasons Shadow IT is Not Going Away

One of the most pressing security and risk issues facing enterprise…
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FIPS 140-2 Validation  Confirms CipherCloud’s Leadership in Cloud Data Security

The news is out: the Cryptographic Module Validation Program…
Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption
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Mitigating Data Residency Concerns with Encryption

Our latest conversations with CipherCloud Chief Trust Officer…

Potential Goodwill Data Breach - Are You Vulnerable?

In what could shape up to be yet another alarming data breach…

How Effective is Cloud-Provided Encryption?

When it comes to cloud data encryption, are all solutions equal? As…

Cloud Encryption Gateways: The Basics

The last few years have seen innovations in cloud technology…

Public Cloud Technology: A Primer for Businesses

In the last several years, few technologies have revolutionized…