Shadow IT

Solve a Key Shadow IT Issue with CipherCloud and Box

It’s ten o’clock. Do you know where your data is? Of all…
cyber insurance
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Mandatory Cyber Insurance - Driving Improved Security or Just Passing the Buck?

Target, Neiman Marcus, and other big time data breaches have…
cloud security research study
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Cloud Security News: 451 Research Calls CipherCloud a Standout

CipherCloud is off to a good start in the new year, if the results…
ciphercloud discovery announcement
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Introducing CipherCloud Data Discovery & Monitoring for Salesforce

Visibility and Control are key to effective cloud information…

Video Blog: CipherCloud Overcoming Compliance Challenges for Financial Services

Watch the video blog below to learn about overcoming compliance…

“The Cloud is Inevitable” – CipherCloud's Observations from Infosecurity 2013 in London

I’m just back from a trip to London for the InfoSecurity Europe…

Responding to the Myths about CipherCloud's Encryption Technology

A couple of recent discussions in a few board threads contributed…

The Department of the Navy Turns to the Cloud

Facing a $2 billion budget cut over the next five years, the…

More News from CipherCloud

Our portfolio continues to grow. We just launched CipherCloud…