UK Education Organization Deploys Salesforce-Powered Global Portal

When data is encrypted, the format and functionality of Salesforce is retained…. users can operate as normal with no hitches…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: London, UK
  • Industry: Government, Education
  • Services: Support for global educational institutions
  • Employees: 8,000


  • Creating a secure portal for global partners to access educational materials
  • Enabling Salesforce functions securely and seamlessly while meeting privacy regulations
  • Key regulations: Privacy regulations in multiple regions


  • CipherCloud for Salesforce protects education portal in multiple countries
  • Open platform supports cloud applications, including email and third-party tools

Top Benefits

  • Users in dozens of countries able to safely access education portal
  • Compliance with data privacy and residency laws assured

English and French Collaboration Opens Education Cloud Portal to Many Countries

UK Education Leader Counts on CipherCloud for Salesforce Security to Make Multi-Country Portal Possible



This UK organization provides English educational opportunities in over 100 countries. Dedicated to cultural relations, they work with millions of people each year to connect them with the UK’s cultural assets – English, the Arts, and Education.

To support their ongoing educational goals, this organization wanted to create a secure portal in the cloud for global partners to access their educational tools. Being able to offer their information online would expand their reach. They needed to find the right platform and proper ways to meet privacy regulations in all the regions they wanted to provide service.


BritCouncil-SFDC-2The organization wanted to deploy this platform with a partner. Their partner is a multinational corporation headquartered in Paris that provides IT services, consulting and professional services in 48 countries. They agreed to go with the Salesforce platform and needed to find ways to meet the combination of international compliance regulations in effect, both in their own countries and other regions as well.

They identified that they needed to effectively:

  • Leverage Salesforce with the proper security measures while preserving usability and functionality
  • Protect their own content as well as client’s private information regardless of their location
  • Encrypt sensitive data based on field settings in Salesforce
  • Support third-party functions through AppExchange


BritCouncil-SFDC-3The two partnering organizations in the UK and France selected CipherCloud for Salesforce to implement security and control over the private records that would be held in the portal.

CipherCloud incorporates AES 256 encryption to SFDC fields in such a way as to preserve user functionality without slow downs or delays. They also integrated additional features, including email through Salesforce and third-party  functions through AppExchange.

Both partners could now offer their services to users in multiple countries and feel confident that their client records are safe. They also are assured their content is safe in the cloud with full data protection.


The beauty of the solution was multi-faceted: security was assured through CipherCloud’s patented technology, which retains the format and functionality of Salesforce when data is encrypted so users can operate as normal with no hitches.

This UK educational organization and their partner in France were pleased with the outcome of their portal project, which achieved:

  • A portal on Salesforce on which provided more users protected access to educational content
  • Meeting the various privacy regulations across multiple countries where users reside
  • Open platform support for cloud applications and third-party tools such as email and AppExchange


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