Top 5 US Bank Consolidates CRM Systems

Bank meets compliance regulations protecting customer data in the cloud…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Western US
  • Industry: Banking
  • Products: Consumer and corporate banking, mortgages, credit cards
  • Employees: Over 9,000 branches in 39 states
  • 70 million customers


  • Address compliance policy prohibiting two fields of sensitive customer being exposed in same datacenter
  • Multiple lines of business running separately over 50 Salesforce instances
  • Consistent enforcement across Wholesale, Wealth Brokerage, Consumer Lending


  • CipherCloud for Salesforce
  • The bank’s operations team manages centralized security PaaS
  • All Salesforce users now secured through CipherCloud platform

Top Benefits

  • Centralized policy control over all Salesforce users
  • Assurance that customer information is not exposed in the cloud
  • Salesforce operations streamlined with internal, central management

US Top 5 Bank Protects Data in Over 50 Salesforce Orgs

Bank Meets Compliance Requirements to Protect Customer Cloud Data with CipherCloud for Salesforce Encryption



70 million customers strong, this top 5 Bank in the United States has 9,000 branches across 39 states.  They believe strongly in their vision to provide strong banking and mortgage services to their customers, which they’ve been doing for over one hundred years.

While Salesforce has been widely deployed throughout the organization, there have over 50 disparate Salesforce instances, lacking centralized management or security. To support continued growth, the bank needed to enforce consistency across three lines of their business: Wholesale, Wealth Brokerage, and Consumer Lending. But they had a security hurdle to jump over first: their corporate compliance policy dictated that they could not have any two fields of sensitive customer data exposed in the same data center.


In order to meet compliance requirements, the bank needed to encrypt specific fields within Salesforce. CipherCloud for Salesforce was the perfect solution, with its ability to provide encryption at a granular field level, even down to individual field characters. CipherCloud would meet their security policy requirement by ensuring:

  • Encryption of consumer identities, credit and financial data
  • Consolidation of security across multiple Salesforce Orgs
  • Consistent enforcement of corporate policies across multiple bank groups


The global bank deployed CipherCloud for Salesforce for its Investment Banking group with over 1,000 users. An internal, centralized security operations group is in place to manage the secured platform as a service (PaaS), streamlining the operation to safeguard customer financial information and requiring all Salesforce users to go through the CipherCloud platform – a seamless process to users.

CipherCloud for Salesforce provides AES 256-bit encryption of the Salesforce fields as defined by the bank’s secure information policy. This level of encryption provides compliance assurance that their customer information would not be exposed in the cloud and would not be at risk or in violation of their regulations.  The bank also retains its own encryption keys, further securing control over their information.


The bank’s initiative to centralize control over 50 Salesforce Orgs in the cloud for over 1,000 users was successfully completed. The bank maintains control over the security of its cloud data through its centralized security team, which oversees its Salesforce operations, ensures customer information is not exposed in the cloud, and safeguards the encryption keys to meet compliance standards.

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