Discount Brokerage Leader

Protects sensitive data in Salesforce with CipherCloud

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Retail brokerage, banking services
  • Regulations: GLBA, PCI, privacy laws
  • Products: Business and consumer banking
  • Employees: 12,000+


  • Updating legacy CRM systems to Salesforce
  • Consolidating security across 14 Salesforce Orgs
  • Meeting compliance and privacy compliance cloud-based data


  • CipherCloud for Salesforce
  • Encrypting over 25 fields across 14 Salesforce Orgs
  • Integration with internal single sign-on system

Top Benefits

  • Safely moved from internal legacy CRM
  • Leveraging a modern, scalable cloud-based platform
  • Centralized security controls across multiple Salesforce instances

Retails Brokerage Pioneer Centralized Control Over Cloud-Based CRM

CipherCloud for Salesforce Encrypts Sensitive Data to Enable Salesforce Migration 



This pioneer in retail brokerage has always relied on the latest technology to provide efficiency, high-quality service, and low commissions over its 40-year history.  The cloud was a natural fit as this company needed systems that were flexible, scalable, and easy to access for their millions of end-users.

With multiple Salesforce instances deployed at a departmental level, this company needed to enforce corporate data protection policies consistently across internal and cloud-based applications. With looming compliance requirements, the IT organization needed to assure that any sensitive, personally identifiable customer data was always protected, regardless of where it resided, and that no unauthorized users could access protected data.


With multiple Salesforce instances already in use, this company needed to centralize control and enforce corporate security, without causing business disruption, or interfering with the functionality of Salesforce. Internal compliance auditors determined that regulated customer financial data needed to be strongly encrypted before leaving the enterprise, with encryption keys exclusively retained within the enterprise.

In addition to applying encryption the company needed to:

  • Support multiple Salesforce Orgs with a single gateway and management console
  • Maintain the functionality of Salesforce, supporting search, sort and reporting capabilities
  • Provide centralized security for 14 Salesforce Orgs with over 1,000 internal users
  • Assure exclusive internal access to encryption keys
  • Seamless integration with corporate single sign-on system


This brokerage leader deployed CipherCloud for Salesforce in multiple stages, incrementally adding Salesforce Orgs and users as their legacy CRM system was replaced across the enterprise. The system currently protects 14 Salesforce Orgs with over 1,000 users, with expansion planned to meet future growth. CipherCloud centralizes protection of multiple Salesforce Orgs with a single gateway system, while integrated with the corporate SSO system. The system protects over 20 fields within Salesforce, focusing on sensitive, personally identifiable customer financial data. The company retains its own encryption keys to assure that no unauthorized outsiders can possibly access encrypted data.


By deploying CipherCloud for Salesforce across the enterprise, this brokerage leader can successfully:

  • Replace their legacy CRM system with a state-of-the-art cloud-based system
  • Enforce security controls consistently across multiple departments and Salesforce instances
  • Reduce their internal IT infrastructure to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Gain flexibility and scalability to add more cloud services in the future

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