This Company Who Ensures Compliance for its Own Clients Trusts CipherCloud to Ensure Its Own

“Best of all, the challenge of providing secure data residency was met….”

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Pennsylvania
  • Industry: Healthcare Auditing
  • Background: Independent leader in medical necessity auditing and review
  • Expertise: Managed over 200 million claims and  10,000 administrative hearings


  • Developing custom applications quickly using the platform
  • Assuring HIPAA compliance and URAC certification for content in online customer portal
  • Preserving functionality of Force platform while assuring security


  • CipherCloud for Salesforce (
  • AES 256-bit encryption of sensitive data
  • Expanding to portal for providers

Top Benefits

  • Leveraging a portal platform that won’t become obsolete
  • Assuring compliance with HIPAA an URAC requirements

Independent Leader in Medical Auditing Safely Launches Customer Cloud Portal

This Company Who Ensures Compliance for its Own Clients Trusts CipherCloud to Ensure Its Own


Medical_Audit3This privately-held firm’s expertise is managing the detailed process of medical-necessity audits and case reviews. Their deep experience was earned through 10,000 administrative hearings and managing over 200 millions claims. They combine sophisticated analytics with advanced technology in ways that allow them to uncover fraud, abuse, and overpayments that otherwise wouldn’t be discovered through traditional methods.

At the heart of their business is the need to ensure that HIPAA compliance and Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) certification are followed. To this end, they provide over 25 certification programs that set national standards to protect all healthcare stakeholders.

The company recently embarked on a critical project to build an online customer portal for payers and providers. The portal would enable auditors to access custom applications easily, facilitating workflow and increasing efficiency.


Seeking an affordable and flexible platform for developing custom applications quickly, the medical audit company chose for their online portal project. The main hurdle they needed to get past first though was determining how to ensure data privacy, security, and compliance for their highly sensitive and confidential information.

For their customer portal to be successful, it needed to ensure:

  • Encryption of regulated data for the applications customers would access on
  • Provide easy access and usability more than 100 auditors
  • The same easy use of applications for customers once security measures were in place


CipherCloud for Salesforce ( provided the perfect fit for this project. Medical_Audit2CipherCloud’s AES 256-bit encryption solution integrates seamlessly into the Force platform, providing deep and granular control for all desired fields at any level required. The solution preserves complete functionality for users for all the features they use regularly, including searching and sorting. The company also knew they had support for expanding the portal for providers in the future, thanks to CipherCloud’s integration of third-party applications.

Best of all, they knew they had met the challenge of providing secure data residency by putting adequate and reliable measures in place to protect their information in the cloud. They also have the confidence of possessing their encryption keys on premise under their own lock and key.


By using the convenience and accessibility of cloud applications, the audit company avoided time and expense of developing custom applications in-house. They also knew they had selected a state-of-the-art solution in both and CipherCloud for Salesforce solutions, providing a solid groundwork for the future. Lastly, by protecting their data, they were also protecting their business and their hard-earned reputation for excellence.


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